Client Portfolio

Abrel was founded in Ireland in 1994 as a specialist manufacturer supplying into the electronics industry. The business manufactures burn in boards for reliability testing of semiconductors. Abrel is now a global company with a worldwide network of customers.

The product range has since expanded to include other systems testers and probes. Abrel sets itself apart through its innovative approach and exemplary service ethos and is the only approved supplier for several of the major semiconductor businesses in the world.

Key Considerations

All businesses are people businesses and at the heart of Abrels products are the people and the expertise. A core differentiator of Abrel compared to its competitors is the depth of expertise across its entire team, therefore a key objective of the new website was to communicate this USP and represent the company as a leading global supplier of burn in solutions and related products.

The company very much works in the long term with its clients and for many, Abrel has been a key supplier for over 2 decades. The site needed to demonstrate that it doesn’t just manufacture products but works in partnership with the client on the long term. As part of the new design and build an animation was produced for the homepage to illustrate their end-to-end product solution.

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