Paid Ads (PPC)

There’s lots of options in terms of PPC (pay per click ads) – maybe too many! It’s easy to spend money but it takes great advice and expertise to make the spend pay. We can help.

Google Ads (PPC)

There are about 9 different types of Google ads; search ads, display ads, shopping ads, Pmax ads and more. These ads are powerful as you are targeting people with a clear intent to make a purchase. Our Google Ads Professionals (GAP) research PPC (Pay Per Click) ad opportunities given business objectives and make recommendations in terms of testing campaigns, budgets and timeframes. We can create high-impact assets for your ads too and ensure focused PPC ad management from the onset.

Once PPC campaigns are set-up, ads can be instant – you can turn them on and turn them off again. That’s useful to create activity when needed or to respond to seasonal demands.

Other Ad Opportunities

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn ads are an important branding and positioning tool and we can laser-target job roles and companies in specific locations. Facebook, Insta, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube ads are all very sophisticated in their targeting now too.

It’s important to work out which platforms are used by your target market and which will be the most cost-effective at raising profile or generating leads. Its useful to keep an eye on competitor activity too.