Export Marketing &
B2B Marketing

Inspiration has worked with Enterprise Ireland client companies for over two decades. If you are exporting a manufactured product or an internationally-traded service, we can help.

Localised Websites

Inspiration Marketing has a vast wealth of experience in Export Marketing & B2B Marketing using Digital Marketing Channels.

If the business is committed to an overseas market, it makes sense to localise the website. We do this by implementing a multi-site install of WordPress and through working with specialist suppliers who localise the content, which we then implement. We use SEO techniques to geo-target the site correctly for Google.ie so that it’s indexed in the right target territory.

This can be a useful way to leverage your web spend as subsequent localised versions of a site cost significantly less that the original site. However, be aware these need to be maintained to be effective.

Targeted Paid Ads

Our Google Adwords Professionals devise and implement effective ad strategies given the target market and the location to be targeted. Sophisticated campaigns are set up initially and then tested thoroughly until the right strategy is proven and rolled out on an ongoing basis.

We run ads across all social media profiles, in addition to Google ads. LinkedIn ads are popular with our B2B clients and can be an excellent way to raise the profile of the brand.

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