Digital Marketing Services

Our range of digital marketing services reflects the depth of expertise within our team, and the needs of our clients. We are good at what we do!


Digital Marketing Strategies depend on Business Objectives. We research digital opportunities in line with these; then document strategies to deliver success.


A preliminary audit will establish your current digital positioning in terms of visibility, assets and capabilities. Bench marking against competitors is hugely informative.

Monthly Marketing Support

If you’re keen to promote the business with pro-active, ongoing digital marketing activities but you don’t have the time or resources in-house to make that happen – this service is for you.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

This is the process of getting your website to appear in the Google results for free “organic” searches. SEO is intrinsic to the work we do. We have built an expert team and we invest heavily in SEO tools to implement world-class optimisation activity.

Social Media Calendars

Many businesses we work with are challenged by social media. We take a practical approach; planning what is feasible to achieve given limited resources.

Paid Ads (PPC)

There’s lots of options in terms of PPC (pay per click ads) – maybe too many! It’s easy to spend money but it takes great advice and expertise to make the spend pay. We can help.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great for brand building, it’s easy and cheap to implement and tracking engagement is transparent. Ironically options with email design are now more restricted than ever, due to the need to be mobile. Email is a core expertise for inspiration.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Inspiration has a closely-knitted team of professionals available to advise you on your digital marketing journey. Often great advice needs input from both a marketing and technical perspective.

Export Marketing & B2B Marketing

Inspiration has worked with Enterprise Ireland client companies for over two decades. If you are exporting a manufactured product or an internationally-traded service, such as online education, we can help.