Social Media Calendars

Many businesses we work with are challenged by social media. We take a practical approach; planning what is feasible to achieve given limited resources.

Social Media Audits

We establish who the target audience is and the objectives of the social media activity. We analyse each of your social media profiles in terms of branding, use of available features, level of activity/postings, level of audience engagement. We benchmark your businesses social media success against competitors.

Opportunities for improvement are documented. In some cases, these can be implemented internally and in others, we do the work.

Social Media Calendars

In terms of managing social media activity and responding to audience engagement on a timely basis, this can only be done effectively directly by clients. However, we can assist in pro-actively writing and scheduling posts across the month. These are drafted and agreed in advance and can be posted across multiple profiles, presenting the business as a dynamic organisation – on top of things!

Often, we will plan and implement calendars for 6 months or a year and then train in house resources to continue to work.