A preliminary audit will establish your current digital positioning in terms of visibility, assets and capabilities. Bench marking against competitors is hugely informative.

Website Audit

We establish the objectives of the site and the target audience. We analyse websites in terms of; Sales and Marketing, Visibility in Google, User Experience (UX), Technical set-up (speed, structure, platform, security). A Competitor analysis is great for ideas.

We make recommendations which may be implemented internally, passed on to the developer or implemented by Inspiration. Sometimes we recommend starting afresh.

Digital Marketing Audit

The depth of this audit depends on the level of existing activity. We can review social media profiles and postings, paid ad accounts, email marketing, search engine optimisation work, published content.  We benchmark clients marketing against what their main competitors are doing.

Recommendations involve work that can be carried out inhouse and areas where we suggest professional support would be best (ideally from Inspiration!)