Email Marketing

Email marketing is great for brand building, it’s easy and cheap to implement and tracking engagement is transparent. Email is a core expertise for Inspiration.

Managed Email Marketing

Inspiration offers a comprehensive email marketing service that can include planning, design, content-writing, database and delivery management, reporting, technical support and recommendations. Equally we can dovetail in with the specific service needed.

We deliver email services for global organisations, local businesses and government bodies. For larger organisations, we can design and build bespoke websites to manage email content and store archives.

DIY Email

If you want to set-up, manage and implement your own email activity – there’s loads of platforms out there to do that. Inspiration offers a Ezine Service which includes all the standard functionality. The main benefit of working on our platform is that you can get expert support from real people – not tickets – paid for on an hourly basis. Clients can have confidence that their email marketing is supported by professionals with over 24 years’ experience in sending emails.

Email for Government Bodies

Government bodies often have specific considerations for email marketing that need to be addressed. These can include;

  • Confidence in the security of the system and compliance with GDPR legislation.
  • The need to be able to send emails independently of updating the organisations website.
  • Flexibility to manage sends internally but with the back-up of an external supplier e.g. to mange deliveries when resources are on holidays.