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The Butler’s Pantry opened its’ doors back in 1987 with its first location based in Mount Merrion, Dublin. It has built a reputation as the home to Ireland's greatest chefs and bakers who prepare freshly cooked seasonal dishes daily, the old-fashioned way.

The domestic market is the mainstay of the business however it has expanded successfully into the corporate market over the years. Thanks to their high-quality meals, gorgeous breads and welcoming ethos, the company continues to flourish and there are now 11 stores across Dublin.

Key Considerations

Timing is everything. When Inspiration started working with TBP, the website had no eCommerce element. Initially we re-designed the site, implementing the new branding alongside strong professional imagery done by a food specialist. By January 2020, we had integrated an eCommerce facility and within a few short months, Covid hit.

TBP offered hampers of ready-made meals which were ideal for elderly parents isolating at home – demand was strong from the outset. The online business has continued to grow and the product range available for delivery has expanded. We can personally testify that the Christmas dinners are delish!

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