Hard to believe we are 23 years in business. We’ve gone from being a sole trader managing small direct marketing campaigns to being a long-established yet dynamic agency delivering complex websites and integrated digital campaigns for a huge variety of clients


Inspiration offers web design, web development and digital marketing consultancy services, mainly to businesses based in Ireland, though many export globally.

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Read all about it. Here we share industry insights, stuff we have learnt from our own clients and campaigns and other news that might be of interest.


Our clients are generally manufacturers, educators, government bodies and shopping carts. We have also worked with a lot of other types of businesses over the years.


This tool has been built specifically to smooth the Onboarding journey for new clients. It gathers all the info we need in one place, to support customers into the future. It is an depth questionnaire and works best if you get all the outlined info required together at the outset.