Training has traditionally had a slightly tedious ring to it! We train in a fun, practical way, based on your own site and internal resources. Real training, delivered virtually.

Training Processes

  • We train clients to maintain their websites in three ways
  • Hand-holding site updates during the development phase
  • Virtually live(!) one-on-one training sessions via Zoom or Teams
  • Pre-recorded Loom videos.

Loom videos include screen capture and a voice-over done by a developer explaining tasks. These are useful for future reference and to train-in new team members.

Web Development & Design Process

It’s not rocket science but if you’re not technical it can seem like that!

That’s why we appoint a Project Manager to make a plan, and help you to work effectively through the process in partnership with Inspiration. Experience shows that development & design plans evolve and resources on the client side can be stretched. So, we flex around each client, dovetailing in extra resource e.g. to develop content or graphics, when required to progress the project.

Training for Clients

Our training services are available to existing clients, as we are familiar with these websites and our client’s internal resources and capabilities.

Latest Work