Inspiration offers web design, web development and digital marketing consultancy services, mainly to businesses based in Ireland, though many export globally.

24 years of inspiration

The company was founded by Cathy McGovern in 1999, when email was beginning to replace the fax machine! We’ve gone from a home office, to rented premises in Dun Laoghaire and back home again, with everyone working remotely since 2020.

Many are based across Europe, bringing added value in terms of exposure to international digital marketing trends. Remote working has allowed us to retain talent and to access advanced skillsets that can be difficult to recruit into an office environment.

Who we are…

The team comprises of young, vibrant and talented digital marketing consultants who are managed lightly by a few old heads that have been knocking around in this industry for decades! It’s a multi-disciplinary team, loosely split into experienced web developers and specialist digital marketing consultants, although there’s extensive interaction across all skillsets.

We use a variety of operational and collaborative tools including Teams, Slack, Productive, Dropbox, Invision, Google Sheets and more.

You are…

Our clients are constructive professionals, committed to their businesses. They are company owners or part of the senior management team. Typically, they are manufacturing exporters, eCommerce sites, educators and government bodies.

We work on a long-term partnership basis and many of our clients have worked with us for over ten years.

See Our Work

Partner with us and access 23 years of digital expertise. We’ve developed robust processes to deliver success for clients. Our featured project is ATC Electrical.