WordPress Ends Support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

Matt Mullenweg, famous for creating the CMS WordPress that we all know and love, recently announced to the world that the WordPress 4.8 will be stopping support for older versions of Internet Explorers i.e. versions 8, 9, 10.

How do you know what version of Internet Explorer you are using?

wordpress browser web design

So how do you know what version browser your using? Check out this little tool that’ll tell you exactly what you’re on!

What happens now?

In future, if you’re using one of these older browsers and you visit a WordPress website, it probably won’t work properly.

Mullenweg stated that the support for these versions was hindering the platform’s development.

I realize that folks still running these browsers are probably stuck with them because of something out of their control, like being at a library or something,”

Depending on how you count it, those browsers combined are either around 3% or under 1% of total users, but either way they’ve fallen below the threshold where it’s helpful for WordPress to continue testing and developing against.

In practice, these obsolete browsers are haemorrhaging users on a daily basis and at this stage they represent less than 2% of internet browser usage:

  • IE8: 0.41%
  • IE9: 0.26%
  • IE10: 0.26%

Some features will continue to work in the older browsers but they will become less usable over time as new WordPress features are released.

Time to Update Your Browser

There are loads of good reasons to keep your browser up-to-date: it’s safer and faster and as the internet is constantly evolving, the latest browsers have the ability push your user experience to another level.

Already newer development resources like HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript 6 only run on modern browsers. Many websites today provide graceful degradation whereby a website is designed to allow lesser functionality with different levels of user experience, for older browsers. Many large companies such as Google, Facebook, Foursquare are using this approach. So to access the full functionality available on these sites, modern browsers are essential.

Btw at Inspiration we are big fans of Google Chrome – it’s super-fast compared to other browsers. And check out these security hints to keep your protected online.