WooCommer 3 Upgrade

WooCommerce 3.0 – Upgrade your Online Store

WooCommerce is the most commonly used eCommerce tool for integrating a shopping cart into a WordPress website. It’s designed to allow you easily sell all your products online.

Whether your selling physical products or digital goodies for download they can all be managed and sold online through your WordPress website by using WooCommerce.

If you’re a subscription based business like Netflix you can add extensions for monthly subscription payments.

WooCommerce 3.0 has recently been released and includes some new features as well as being more powerful than previous versions.

If you want to increase your sales by selling online contact us today.

Keep on reading to find out more about the new features in WooCommerce 3.0….

Updating to WooCommerce 3.0

Before we tell you about some of the new features there’s a couple important things to note about the update. There’s quite a few “under-the-hood” updates with 3.0 which means some of your extensions may stop working.

We strongly recommend doing a backup before updating and if possible do the updates in a development environment for testing. When you’re completing the updates, start with the extensions, all other plugins and theme before you do the updates to the WooCommerce plugin update itself. Once you’ve done all the others you can complete the necessary updates to WooCommerce.

If you’re happy with the development version then update the live site.

Since 3.0 was launched there’s been two smaller incremental updates so we’re actually at version 3.1.1 – this may have resolved some of the little bugs but we still recommend taking care when updating. If you’re unsure we advise contact your web development team.

New Features

The latest version has some nice new features that are sure to keep online shop owners happy. The main upgrade that has people talking is the new product gallery. Version 3 also includes several performance upgrades to keep your store running smoothly as well as some tech tidy-ups to keep all the website developers happy!

New Gallery

The gallery has undergone a redesign and it has been significantly revamped for better viewing on mobile devices.

Gallery images can now be enlarged by clicking on the magnifying glass or zoomed in by rolling the mouse over the image. Scrolling through images is done by clicking on one of the images below the main lightbox window.

On mobile devices, you can swipe images left and right in the window to move through the gallery. Touch an area on the image to zoom and hit the magnifying glass to display the larger version where it’s possible for a user to pinch to zoom.

Performance Updates

Having a good performing site is obviously very important, particularly as your business starts to grow and sell more products online.

Using WooCommerce 3.0 allows your online store to run faster and more efficiently.  A lot of work has been done from a technical perspective and now less tasks are needed to be processed in order for WooCommerce to work.

The bottom line is the site runs faster and consumers wait less time – so are more likely to spend money on your site instead of dropping off along the way.

WooCommerce Update Recap

  • Mobile friendly & fully responsive.
  • Galleries with multiple images.
  • Open in popup window.
  • Easy to manage images and thumbnails.
  • Performance Upgrades