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Will E-mail Marketing Ever Die?

The Snapshot

  • Email is still more effective than social media at attracting customers
  • Be creative with your email marketing campaigns
  • Cutting edge technology companies are still using email as a core marketing strategy
  • Build up on-line authority and trust by sending relevant and useful emails to clients
  • Inspiration can help!

If you think that email marketing is a thing of the past you need to ask yourself one question, why do Facebook, Twitter, Google + and a vast array of other companies still insist on cluttering up your inbox on a regular basis? The answer to this is a simple one, this is still one of the most effective channels of communication that businesses have with their existing and potential customers.

Recent research from the U.S.A. appears to support this as a report compiled in January 2014 by McKinsey & Company states that email is still 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter at attracting new customers. The below graph from their report highlights this dramatic difference in more detail:

email marketing growth

This report also provides companies with some very interesting insights on how the public interacts with the emails that they receive. Aspects such as bringing the reader to a specific area of a website rather than just a generic home page and ensuring that your website is fully optimized for viewing by smartphone and tablet users are key areas that companies needs to focus on.

Reports such as these really should serve as timely reminder to companies that they ignore implementing a coherent email marketing strategy at their peril.  In an increasingly competitive market place maintaining and increasing market share is now the fundamental aim of the vast majority of organisations.

Clearly there is a balance to be found here, we are not suggesting that companies should bombard their customers with daily e-mails which will be regarded as spam, however if you can send your customers relevant and informative information you can establish brand loyalty and develop an on-line relationship with your customer base. Over here at Inspiration HQ we are pleased to announce that we can now assist all of our clients to develop a first rate email marketing strategy. We have recently launched a new email marketing platform called You can take it for a test drive straight away and create your very own email marketing strategy.

infographic email marketing

Even emerging tech companies such as RebelMouse which is focused on providing users with a customised social media dash board has recently integrated into Mail Chimp to allow users to establish e-mail alerts.

Speaking recently to Wired Magazine Rebel Mouse CEO Paul Berry said that “As much as we’re told email isn’t sexy, no one sends more e-mail than Facebook or Twitter, and the reason they do is we’re all on email and it brings you back to the site.”

This is a segment of an infographic looking at how effective email marketing is compared with social media. The below section examines the use of various forms of media among different age groups and again demonstrates why email marketing creates so much more of an impact than its social media counterpart. You can view the entire infographic here and make up your own mind, we think that email marketing runs out a deserved winner what do you think let us know!

Email marketing never really went away, it was just forgotten about in the rush to embrace the new kids on the block. Social media is an effective way to communicate with your client base however it should not consume all of your marketing strategy. What do you think are you going to contact your nearest email marketing service   provider and start communicating with your clients? Or are you yet to be convinced? Connect with us on LinkedIN and Google+ and let us know.