Web Design 101: Creating Customer Journeys

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest news at Inspiration Marketing you may have seen chapter one of our digital hub, Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactical Plan. The chapter describes how understanding your target market lays the foundation for a successful digital marketing strategy. But, not only is your target market an important insight for digital marketing, it is also a vital component for website design. Understanding your target market helps you design and build customer journeys that will help guide customers through your website to the most relevant areas and increase your conversion rates. In this post we explore successful customer journeys that have been developed for Inspiration’s clients.


Researching your target market should be on your checklist before any web design project. The research allows you to create a design that appeals to your customers and helps to produce successful customer journeys.  We recently completed a website design project where we spent considerable time focusing on research and development. The brief from our client, Spectac, was to design a website that targets multiple markets; the brewing, distilling, beverage, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. As you can see from the screen grab below we created sector specific messaging and customer journeys that immediately captures the eye and guides Spectac’s target customers through the website in a structured fashion.


The design was a success as it is helped potential customers get to the most relevant information as fast and easy as possible. Another benefit of creating this customer journey was the increase in conversion rates on the website. There was an immediate noticeable increase in conversion rates once the new website was launched. This was partly due to the clear messaging and smooth customer journeys through the site.

Kilmore Quay Seafood

Your website might be one of the first places that your customers find your business. Therefore it is imperative that you’re messaging is clear and that your customers find the information they are looking for immediately. A recent web design project completed by Inspiration is an excellent example of clear messaging and instant customer journeys.

kilmore quay

On the home page we created two options for Kilmore Quay customers, retail and food services.  Within microseconds of landing on the home page Kilmore Quay customers will see their sector and be able to make an easy decision to find the information they need.

Creating informed customer journeys not only helps your clients find the right information and increase conversion rates but also helps to keep your bounce rate low. By keeping your website content targeted your traffic will be relevant to your industry.

In the second part of our web design we will be looking at using calls to actions in web design.

If you need help researching your target audience or are looking for a web design company to help with your next project give our team of experts a call.