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What is Structured Data and How Does it Help SEO?

Content Strategy

Having rich content on your website is one of the key ways to make sure your site is easily found in search engines. People like to read it and Googles bots love to crawl it! When you add new content to your website always try to follow best practice from an SEO perspective. What’s that you might ask? Check these out….

Another piece of SEO work you should make sure is implemented on your site is the addition of “structured data.”

Keep reading to learn more about structured data for SEO:

Structured Data

Back in 2011, Google, Bing and Yahoo launched an initiative called The aim of the project is to create and support structured data. This involves including an instruction/prompt for the search engines to explain what kind of data your website or webpage is showing – by categorising each page. Categorising your content makes it more visible to search engines and it makes it easier for Google etc to define what’s on a particular webpage.

Roll forward to 2017….. Structured Data is now central to how content is indexed. Search engines like Google uses the structured data to produce Rich Cards (more below) and categories of content. There are over 500 category options available:

Sample of Common Content Categories:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Job postings
  • Local businesses
  • Music
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Tv and movies
  • Videos

Rich Cards Examples:


Why is Structured Data Important?

Google uses structured data to display categorised content prominently on search results – this helps Google searchers to find the content they were looking for easily and it increases the number of site visitors to websites that structure data properly.

And we all want more targeted traffic, right??

Implementing Structured Data

Your web developer will need to add the relevant instructions to your website’s html code. Once this is done, Google starts to read your content and validate it.

Check your webmaster tools regularly, Google sends reports and will highlight if there are any errors to the code and where it is valid or invalid.

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