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The ‘Step Up’ Campaign is designed to engage employees in a healthy COVID-19-friendly activity – walking:

  • Team members are invited to sign up to a personal challenge – to walk 10,000 steps every day over 4 weeks.
  • Competitive participants can choose to be put in a random virtual team to see which team has the most cumulative average steps per day, for the month.
  • Steps will be tracked via their personal device; Fitbit, iPhone, Android etc. and synched into a free App
  • The app shows how everyone is performing, with live updates on step counts.
  • Inspiration will brand web pages for the business, where we will publish the teams, weekly updates with the leader board, spot prizes, ultimate winners.
  • A WhatsApp group can be created, for campaign messaging (transmit only).
  • Social media activity – both free and paid ads – can publicise the campaign.
  • There will be a different prize each week e.g. most steps in a single day and an overall team prize, selected by management e.g. vouchers, zoom with a celeb etc.


Benefits to Business

  • Help participants embrace a healthy lifestyle and become fitter for work
  • Improve employee motivation, harness their competitive spirit
  • Build teamwork and cement loyalty to the company
  • Position the company in a positive light in the retail sector generally – good PR
  • Assist in the implementation of the companies Health and Wellbeing policies for employees
  • Use this as an opportunity to test channels you may not have used for the business previously e.g. WhatsApp for info transmission, paid LinkedIn for PR etc


Why Inspiration

  • Safe pair of hands for all comms – in business 21 years
  • Devised this campaign, given our knowledge of the elements e.g. App support, FAQ’s, motivations etc
  • Independent adjudication of the campaign e.g. is someone falls sick….
  • Flexible approach – use comprehensive solution or pick and choose
  • Opportunity to work with a new agency on a discrete project basis
  • Keep internal resources freed-up
  • Needs the multi-disciplinary approach we can offer– copywriting, tech support on the app, PPC Pro, graphic design, web dev

Excellent client references available on request. See www.inspiration.ie

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