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Signs of Inspiration for 2019

First up, thanks to all our brill customers for a great 2018 – not only have we had some significant successes commercially for our clients but also – it’s been fun! In fairness when you run an agency; that’s not always the case – very occasionally we make a mistake (!) and every so often we have an unreasonable request – but this year has been really smooth in this context. So of course I should mention my competent, tight-knit and quirky team, who are full of commitment and energy (did I mention they are all VERY young these days 😊 ) There’s a few of us elder lemons above enjoying a dry night out…..

Date for Your Diary

2018 was a significant year for me personally in terms of Inspiration as I now am back to owning 90% of the shares in the biz and I was especially happy to see our new sign go up on the front door recently, with our slightly updated logo btw.

In fact, Inspiration will be 20 years in biz this March so watch out for our planned celebrations; VIP invites will be issued to a very special venue and I hope those who get them – and the Not VIP’s like ourselves – will come along to a unique event I’m planning to mark the moment.

Positive Outlook for 2019

There were times in the past, especially during the recession, when my friends called us Desperation and my own fav is Perspiration (still a reality!) so I love the thought that no-one can simply stop Inspiration from flowing. To remind me and our clients of that thought, I’ve put this text up on the wall directly opposite my desk and also in our meeting room.

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Ye can’t Beat a Lifestyle Biz

When you read the biz pages in the Irish papers these days, it’s all about venture capital funds, FDI, the Googles and FB’s of the world based in Dublin as huge employers etc etc. And it makes me smile when I see the words “lifestyle business” almost used as a derogatory term, but the reality is that in Ireland SME’s generate more than 70% of all jobs in the non-financial business economy. And I feel lucky – many companies like my own are run on a lifestyle basis and this gives us huge flexibility – for ourselves and for our teams. We can work around the commercial realities of having to make a living; without the madness of having to be glued to your desk when there’s little work to do. So, I put this quote up also recently, to celebrate the fact that we have the luxury of working together in a supportive, happy environment – and we can still do great things.

inspiration 2019 dublin

May 2019 be full of Inspiration for you, your business and your families.