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Shop Local Online

As we battle the current pandemic, despite the sadness and challenges, there have also been some positive aspects to this difficult time. We have come together from a distance to unite in fighting the virus and we’ve done this effectively. We have seen some tremendous acts of kindness and unity, throughout our communities.

And it is that word – community – which is so important. With a Latin origin – communitas – this means common, public, shared by all or many. And traditionally, at the heart of local community, are the small businesses that keep us supplied in the things we need or want and keep jobs in our locality, making local economies vibrant.

But right now these businesses are closed and the fear is that many will not be able to open their retail doors again when the pandemic is over. Which would be a shame.

So what can you do to help, besides implementing the social distancing rules to help us get back to the new normal? Well with good foresight, despite the fact that online sales were low for many businesses, they did invest in web stores and now is your time to shine – by buying online from your local suppliers. Those that have web stores will survive and thrive into the future – with your help.

Shop Local Online – Free Directory

To help create exposure and awareness to local business online – a free online directory has been set up. See Shop Local Online for all the details. It’ sorted by distance so local shoppers will be able to see what is available to them. If you are a small business selling online – consider listing your website in this directory. It’s free to apply. For everyone else, we all have a role to play – shop local, shop online!

Stay Safe!