Make the Most of August

Digital Fixes – Get Them Sorted!

This is some of the team at Inspiration today – we’re knocking around for the whole of August and if you are too – why not get some of your site updates and digital marketing sorted?

There’s a number of tech tidy ups that we’re working through on client sites right now and it’s a good idea to get these implemented on your own site, if you have some time. Here’s the checklist we use;




What do they mean, how much time, what cost?

The good news is that most of these things are easy and fast to implement and don’t cost too much. So in order of importance….

SSL (https) – this involves putting a security cert. on your site. This is visible to users as your site will say “https” instead of “http” when visited. Read more here. This is increasingly important as visitors will feel re-assured, your site is less susceptible to hacks and Google likes it. The cost of the cert itself is small, maybe 50 or 70 dollars a year but also it comes free with some hosting solutions. To implement it takes about 2 hours (€160 through Inspiration), though it does depend on the complexity of the site – we strongly recommend you consider implementing this.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – AMP pages are the new way to have a speedy experience when uploading a site on a mobile phone. AMPs can load 80% quicker than standard pages. If you use your mobile to google news sites or sports sites, you’ll often see “AMP” in the results, indicating these pages will load fast. You can read more about AMP here. On some sites this can be done in as little as an hour. If the user experience is vital to your business, you may want to dictate carefully how AMP pages appear, in which case it can take longer; max. a day. €80 to €650 euro.

Structured Data – this is simply a way of structuring your site content so that its extra-easy for Google to index it. It involves giving instructions to the engines about what type of content they are looking at – each page is categorised for easy identification. Read about structured data here. In terms of time and cost – again depends on the number of categories of content on a site; It could be an hour for a small site, it could be 5 hours for a larger – from €80 to €400.

Fast server – does what it says on the tin; we recommend Cloudways (jncludes an SSL) – 17 dollars a month.

Annual Maintenance and Support – you really should be backing up your site monthly, upgrading to the latest version fo wordpress and any plug-ins and checking speed on a regular basis. If you have Inspiration or another supplier maintain your site like this and it is hacked; it’s a simple process to replace it (you won’t wannacry!) . Annual cost for a typical site – €750 p.a.

Progressive Web App. (PWA) – ever wanted an app but found they were too expensive to build?  This is a process whereby we can create a “local” version of your website which can be accessible via an icon on a mobile phone. Handy for resourcing distributors etc where internet accessibility might be an issue – and it looks cool! Time-wise it starts from 3 hours for a basic site though depending on how complex the site is, it could take a day or more – from  €240 to €650.

Make More of August – get in touch and we’ll get these simple, low cost things sorted for you!

PS – all costs indicative and subject to VAT!