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We work in partnership with you through a well-defined proven Web Design & Web Development process.

Website Design Project Management

In terms of managing delivery of the web design project, a Project Manager is appointed to each development.

We use a number of tools including a master tracking spreadsheet which shows the work to be done, resources and budget. We share this with customers at the outset and it can be used as a benchmark throughout the process. We also clock time using Beebole and use Dropbox to share resources so that it’s easy to exchange items such as images, content etc.

Send Us an Email to Get Started

Communications are typically done by email or by phone and we also has Webex facilities to organise video conferences to discuss web design concepts, progress and more.

Web Design & Web Development Project Brief

We work with the client to establish a detailed web design brief. This includes documenting

  • Overall goals/objectives (Leads/sales/showcase/branding etc)
  • Target markets/audience profiles
  • Website Structure (Content/pages required/sitemap)
  • Website Functionality (Databases/forms/interactivity)
  • Localisation/Translation Requirements
  • Technical Platform (Open Source – WordPress, Joomla etc)
  • Content Development Requirements
  • Google, Reports and SEO Considerations
  • Design Considerations (industry trend, client preference, best practice)

Web Design Phase

When we design a website there are a number of primary considerations

  • What do you want the person landing on the website to do (Calls To Action)
  • What is in the website development brief
  • What type of websites do you like (supply samples)
  • What is right for your industry (review competitors)
  • How will the website display in mobile devices

Our web development team create separate web design concepts for the home page and an inside page (products or projects). We include appropriate options for website navigation, colour schemes, content layout and potential website imagery. We then allow for up to two rounds of changes and once the approach is agreed, we design all the other required templates e.g. contact page, content page etc

All web designs are signed off before being passed over to the technical build team.

Web Development – Technical Build

We have in-depth experience of Open-source Platforms including WordPress, Joomla and others. These systems are easy to build, can be made mobile, have excellent Content Management facilities and work well in Google when optimised.

Once the web development “build” is in progress, clients can track the project as we move the website to a development server and give customers access to review our work. This prevents any “shock” moments as the work is visible in production.

Once a build is complete we train customers to maintain their website on an ongoing basis, though we can offer additional technical support where required.

Content Development

Content is Queen and King – more so now than ever!

If you want to supply content for the website then we can simply load this in. Alternatively if you want it to be written from scratch, we have a panel of experienced content developers who will write your content (yes – no matter how technical though we may need to liaise with the technical people!) For most clients we operate somewhere in-between – pulling together content from existing sources or editing supplied content to suit the website.

Content can be a key area that slows down the delivery of a website, as busy clients can’t get the time needed to write the text. So it’s a good idea to plan the approach for content from the start – why not talk this through with us?

Check our our comprehensive Website Design Guide for a full understanding of the whole process.

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