wordpress website technical support


To streamline the service for our existing valued customers, we have a simple client technical support system. ALL requests for support are emailed to [email protected]. Support can then be tracked and managed through this support system, with first priority being given to customers with either a Maintenance and Support Agreement in place or an ongoing Monthly Marketing Support (MMS) engagement.

Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement Service – Recommended

We strongly recommend that all customers consider taking up our Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement. There has been a steady increase recently in server attacks and viruses. While you may have your site hosted effectively now, unless we regularly upgrade your website to the latest versions of your CMS software and update your plugins, you are at risk of an attack. This can mean losing functionality on your site. Your site could also be used for inappropriate content. Worst case scenario you may lose the site completely particularly if the ISP (hosting entity) feels you are leaving your site open to undue risk. In addition to updates, regular backups of your site files / database will be made to your hosting server as part of the Agreement.

This service ensures you are Protected and Secure to the best possible extent from potential malicious attacks. These attacks are becoming more frequent. Clients not under a Maintenance and Support contract agreement are taking a risk and ultimately the cost of re-instating the site is likely to be significant by comparison to the Maintenance and Support Agreement annual investment – not to mention the potential damage to your google rankings and loss of revenue. The cost for the Annual Maintenance & Support Agreement ranges between Euro 700 – 800 p.a. + vat subject to the size and complexity of the website. Please email [email protected] if you would like to put an Annual Maintenance & Support Agreement in place.

Monthly Marketing Support Service (MMS)

Our Monthly Marketing Support (MMS) service ensures that our clients website performance is actively managed within the context of a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy. We typically allocate 10 hours per month of Inspiration resource to online marketing for clients. This resource is flexible. It can be tailored to meet specific client objectives – consider it your outsourced Marketing Dept! More information on the MMS can be viewed here. Please email Cathy, [email protected] or call 01 230 3184 if you would like to explore a Monthly Marketing Support engagement.