Stressed by a lack of Social Media strategy?

It’s hard to build a brand on social media without a clear and well-defined strategy – your work can seem ineffective and feel frustrating. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, an effective social media strategy is all about how your organisation connects with your target market and how you can optimise this interaction to build your brand and make the most of the resources you have available to do this!

We can help if you are challenged by any of the following issues:

  • Intermittent social media postings, which are written with little consistency or purpose.
  • Time constraints limiting your ability to manage multiple social media platforms.
  • A poor Return on Investment in relation to time applied versus conversions to sales.
  • A lack of resources in sourcing and developing appropriate imagery.
  • A lack of clarity on which social media channels you should focus on.
  • Poor visibility on customer engagement and the performance metrics.
  • Struggling to build a stronger presence on social media than your competitors.

We can implement our services on all available social media platforms, most notably…

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Twitter
  6. Google+

So… how can we can help you?

We provide a comprehensive set of services in relation to social media – these include;

  1. A Social Media Profile(s) evaluation/creation.
  2. Social Media Online/Offline (Covid-19 depending for offline option) training – on specific social media difficulties that you may have with an aim to train people in your business how to best use social media to your competitive advantage.
  3. A Personalised Social Media Content Calendar designed for your business to help you schedule, draft and organise your social media content.
  4. A full social media audit report which would analyse existing platforms and level of activity and recommend a practical and effective way forward.

Services can be packaged and the Table below gives indicative pricing.

SERVICE Package BRONZE (Base Price insert*) SILVER (Base Price insert*) GOLD(Base Price insert*)
Preliminary Free Consultation (getting to know you and getting to know us) First 30 minutes First 30 minutes First 30 minutes
Audit and Recommendations. No. of Social Media Accounts to be Audited = 2 3 4
Implementation of Recommendations – Additional where help needed Additional where help needed Additional where help needed
Business-Specific Social Media Calendar Template X 1 month Calendar of indicative sample posts for your business Calendar of recommended posts for your business x 1 month. Posts scheduled in Hootesuite and automated to send Calendar of recommended posts for your business x 1 month. Posts scheduled in Hootesuite and automated to send
Handover Consultation Meeting 30 mins 1 Hour 1 Hour
Training 1 Hour, I person Up to 2 hours and up to 3 people
Pricing €500 €1,000 €1,300

*All prices are indicative only and we will give each client an individual quote when we assess their current set-up and their requirements.

And don’t worry, we can arrange a service that suits your specific needs – get in touch and let’s discuss!


Social Media (s) Profile Evaluation/Creation

Having a good social media profile is the first of many key steps in effectively utilising social media for your business. A good social media profileis generally the first point of call for buyer research and ultimately, can get your business profile found. In addition,we can help you;

  • Boost your online business profile’s credibility to your target market.
  • Help to make your business stand out from competition online.
  • Help your business to effectively engage with current and future customers online and help maintain and create valuable connections and customers.

So, what do we provide for this service…?

  • A full tactical review package detailing what we think of your social media (s) profile including;
  1. Profile picture/ Cover photo evaluation. We will ensure that the profile/cover picture’s that you have on your social media (s) are relevant to who you are as a business and matchhow you approach marketing activities offline.
  2. We will ensure that all of the profile’s product/service descriptions are accurate, to the point, effective and fitting to your business.
  3. Ensuring that all of your social media output from your profile (s) is true to your brand values, personality and tone of voice.
  4. We will evaluate how effective your current social media (s) posting is and tell you where you are performing well and where you are going wrong
  5. A profile optimisation recommendationsection which will include our social media (s) profileand posting recommendations based on our evaluation.
  • Don’t yet have a social media profile set up for business? No problem, we can set up your profile from start to finish on all the networks that we think you should be on


Social Media Training

Getting your social media profile’s set up and running your social media pages is one step out of many in what you should be doing to make your social media channels successful. There is much more that goes into a successfully run social media account than simply uploading some content and hoping it performs well. At Inspiration, we believe education is the key social media success and our training courses are designed specifically for your business’ brand and resources! Investing in social media training can;

  • Prevent the common social media pitfalls.
  • Saves time for your business;Being in the know-how with social media will mean you won’t have to invest additional time researching best practices and ways to be an online success.
  • Help your business to learn how to interact online, direct traffic to your business focal point, stay current with social media trends and connect with your customers. Learning this is vital to efficient social media use and success for your business.

So, what do we provide for this service…?

  • A consultative training package personally designed to tailor your consultation budget and any specific social media struggles your business is facing.
  • This can be delivered through online meeting(s), face to face consultation(s) (covid-19 depending) or through an explanation document and an accompanied presentation (see social media audit service section).
  • Can be designed for a group and/or on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • Tailored specifically for B2B and B2C clients.

Social Media Personalised Content Calendar Creation

Running your social media network’s is harder than it sounds. It takes time, effort and organisation to successfully manage an efficient and well designed social media output stream each week. It’s for this reason that we would recommend every business that uses social networks, to have a social media calendar. At Inspiration we will design a personalised social media calendar template for your business which focuses on the posting detail for the key platforms that you use as well as any additional directions that you may need for each posting month. This will ultimately help to;

  • Efficiently organise your monthly social media activity by having your drafted posts, times of drafting, platform of posting and themany additional directions that your business needs in one place.
  • Holds your team accountable; Calendars are a great way to set deadlines and avoid procrastination and loosely planned social media strategies. Laying out a clear plan in the format of our easy to read,personally designed calendarsets clear deadlines and eliminates any excuses for not knowing what to publish each month.
  • Save keytime and resources each month.
  • Improve results; Along with efficiency comes the need for effectiveness and social media calendars are proven to be improve businesses online results in the long and short term.

Full Social Media Audit Review

A social media audit helps your business to identify areas of strength, weakness and opportunity for investment within your current social media output/strategy.Our report will be primarily based on who you are as a business and what you stride to be known as in an online setting and as a brand in general. This personalised audit can be used for those of you who are considering a potential new social network channel or those of you looking to audit an existing channel too. Our social media audit will be presented in an easy-to-read recommendations and audit report and will be accompanied by an online presentation which features the key points and findings from the report.

So, what Specifically do we provide for this service…?

  • A social media current reach analysis
  • A report on who your current followers are and how to change up a target market strategy online.
  • A profile optimisation report which explains how well you are representing and associating your offline brand strategy to your online strategy.
  • Competitor’s social media analysis and budget allocation report detailing where you should focus your online budget.
  • A metrics report which explains how to best track your online results and performance over time.
  • Assistance and examples of suggested posts and targeted online social media advertisements for your business going forward.
  • A full context review of your social media channels and a recommendation’s section.
  • Tailored specifically towards both B2B and B2C clients.
  • An online presentation which features the key points and findings from the report.

Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries worldwide with billions of people interacting on the many social networks available every minute of every day. By Investing in a social media strategy, it will help your business to drive key customers towards your business online as well as increasing engagement, customer interaction and overall customer loyalty.

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