We work to ensure that client websites perform in the Organic “free“ Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). This is done through our search engine optimisation and monthly marketing support services.In some industries the organic optimisation can be complemented and supported by implementing PPC Management or paid advertising campaigns through AdWords. These are often called PPC, Pay Per Click, PPC Management as you pay each time your advert is physically clicked online.Paid advertising opportunities now exist across many social media sites including Facebook and LinkedIn among others. The predominant player for paid advertising is still Google. Inspiration’s team of PPC Management experts will:

PPC Management Process

  • Conduct Keyword Research to identify opportunities and focus for campaigns
  • Review existing Google Adwords and/or Bing accounts
  • Set-up new campaigns or restructure and re-optimise your existing account
  • Design & Implement dedicated landing pages and conversion tracking for these specific pages
  • Test new campaign set-up based on agreed budget
  • Implement new campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Monthly Pay Per Click Management / AdWords Management

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Contact the expert PPC Management team at Inspiration Marketing in Dublin for a no obligations quote. Our Paid Advertising quote is broken out into

  • Initial set up & testing phase
  • Ongoing PPC Management, typically over 3 – 6 months initially where AdWords campaigns are updated

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