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We offer a Monthly Marketing Support (MMS) service to provide online marketing support for our clients. Often clients move onto the monthly marketing service after a web development project is delivered.

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Key Benefits of Online Marketing Support

There are many good reasons to make a commitment to an annual monthly online marketing support contract. Clients can:

  • have confidence that pro-active online marketing is in progress each month
  • access a broad range of advanced online marketing skills
  • secure heavily discounted daily rates throughout the contract period (Min. 6 months)
  • gain competitive edge by driving your online presence
  • reduce internal online marketing overheads
  • release internal resources to focus on other responsibilities
  • track the performance of  online marketing activity via a Monthly Benchmark Report

Key Features

These include:

  • Monthly Marketing Benchmark Report to assess goals, review progress, plan activity
  • Initial meeting is face-to-face, subsequent meetings by Teleconference
  • 1 day initial response on client queries (Service Level Agreement)
  • Choice of 6 or 12 month contracts
  • Fees monthly in advance, to secure discounted rates

Typical Online Marketing Activities

Search Engine Optimisation is often the sole activity for clients on our online marketing support – with a view to driving leads through the internet and strengthening websites in international markets. However for other clients other online marketing activity can be encompassed in the service e.g. a quarterly email, site updates etc.

Our menu of online marketing services which can be delivered through the MMS contract includes;

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