Local SEO
Businesses want their customers to find them easily online – and to find them before they find their competitors. Traditionally people use google and other search engines to find products and services with generic search terms e.g. “luxury bedding” but there has been a move in recent times towards “local search” which has two important aspects – first up, people are putting the locations into search terms e.g. ‘luxury bedding Dublin’ – this has been a trend for some time but secondly people are using navigation tools, like Google Maps, to search for local services on their mobile phones. Google maps already “knows” your location so it then searches for relevant listings nearby.

This means that getting your business found in google for location-based searches and being easily and accurately identified on the map, in an optimised way, is becoming more important.

This process is known as Local SEO.

So, what’s involved in Local SEO?  

Local Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website for local search queries. This helps to get your website ranking higher than your local competitors, drives traffic to your site and it’s also an important tool in driving customers to your physical location(s).

It is more than just optimising your website. A first step in any local SEO strategy is to claim and verify your local business’s Google My Business (GMB) listing. Once this is done you’ll need to optimise the listing.

Optimising & Managing Google My Business

First of all, you need to “claim” your business account, which means that you effectively go through the process of registering yourself as the “owner” of that location on Google Maps. You are then given the opportunity to edit the location details so that the map is pinned correctly and named properly and that the descriptions of your services are accurate etc. Many people don’t realise that Opening hours, category, photos, payment options and posts/news stories can all be added to your listing.

Also – have you looked at any reviews on google maps for your business? Have you responded? It is also important that the listing is monitored, and reviews are managed as they appear next to the listing. These reviews can influence potential customers; a great review is helpful – a bad one can be very damaging. Dealing with a bad review in a timely and professional manner can win back a customer and encourage them to change their review to a positive one.

Tracking Your Local SEO Campaign

Inspiration provides support enabling you to plan, implement and measure the success of your local SEO campaigns. We can help you through the process of claiming your location and we can help optimise both your website and your Google My Business listing.

  • Track and monitor keyword rankings
  • Monitor onsite activity:
    • Phone Calls
    • Emails
    • Contact Forms
    • Site Traffic

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