export marketing


Inspiration Marketing has a vast wealth of experience in Export Marketing & B2B Marketing using Digital Marketing Channels.  If you are exporting a manufactured product or an internationally-traded service, such as software, then we can help you to build your online brand and drive relevant overseas enquiries.

We can help you to:

Undertake Online Research

We use Digital Marketing tools to identify market activity and analyse the level of searches in Google in your target market. This can help to size the opportunity and it can inform your digital marketing strategy in terms of planning your export marketing approach.   We also identify the relevant terms your prospective customers are using to look for your product /service. Often the terminology will change from region to region and this insight can inform the messaging as well as the approach.

Digital Marketing to support Your Export Marketing Strategy

An International Digital Marketing strategy should be tailored to your export marketing goals. If you are targeting the UK only, for example, then one website in English will be sufficient as a basis for your online export marketing efforts. If you are targeting multiple territories, then an appropriate language version of each website may be needed. Bear in mind that even though English is considered the language of business, to be visible in Google.fr for example, a French website will be much more effective than an English-language version. As well as translating the website, you will need to optimise it for the target territory. Visibility in a local search engine does not happen by default and specific steps need to be taken to address this issue.

Design and Build an Effective Website(s)

Strong calls-to-action, visible branding, clear product/service outline and relevant content for website visitors e.g. sector information, list of capabilities etc These are all key elements of an effective website.

Inspiration can also help you to develop technical and sales content to populate the website and support your digital export marketing strategy. This is done through reviewing existing materials and interviewing relevant members of your team to ensure we use appropriate terminology and messaging. We can also interview customers to develop case studies highlighting a specific product or sector expertise.

Roll Out Localised and Optimised Versions of Your Website

If you are targeting multiple territories, then for an effective digital export marketing approach, you will need separate websites for each one. Duplicate English content will need to be avoided. If however the same content is in different languages then duplicate content is not an issue. Where a number of territories speaking English are targeted, for example, then you may consider editing the content for each region, as Google doesn’t like duplication – o although there are technical steps we can take to address this concern e.g. implementing HREF Language Sitemaps.

Inspiration often works with customers over many years rolling out new regional websites and re-vamping websites over time – typically a website lasts for 2 years before a website design refresh is recommended however content should be updated on weekly basis for B2B websites – as a rule of thumb.

Up-skill the Internal Team

There are two areas of expertise where Inspiration can help up skill your internal team – these include Website Updates and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activity. The vast majority of the websites we work with are built on Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS). Once built, we then train the team to be able to manage website and content updates themselves – these are simple interfaces which require only basic computer skills.

We also train the team or allocated resource to optimise the website on an ongoing basis going forward. SEO is a specialist skill and we do not give training to produce an SEO expert(!) however we do give guidelines on best practice, explain the optimisation activity that has been implemented on the website and offer a list of activities which the company should consider implementing on an ongoing basis to raise visibility further.

Address Social Media Visibility

We encourage companies to maintain their own social media activity as this is the most effective way to drive interaction directly with your business. However often a review of your presence and the team’s profiles in FB, LinkedIn, Google Circles etc. is a worthwhile exercise. We can implement a clean sweep approach with the team, tidy up profiles, optimise the way these are set-up and train personnel to maintain these, as part of our SEO training.

Implement Monthly Online Marketing Support

If you really want to kick-start the visibility of a website in a foreign territory, then our MMS contract is ideal to help focus on driving leads to the website from your export marketing activity. This is an outsourced service where we spend one day per month (per website) for at least 6 months implementing mainly SEO activity to increase the number of enquiries on the website. We offer discounted daily rates for annual contracts and by committing to this activity, you can drive sales leads for a fraction of the cost of having a sales person on the ground.

It is a flexible resource therefore if you want other digital export marketing support, we can use some of the time to implement other activities e.g. a quarterly email. AdWords (PPC) management is available also, at an additional cost – usually a small monthly fee. Every month we deliver a progress report summarising not just the visitors to your website but also the conversions e.g. number of email enquires, contact forms submitted etc. We also outline what activity was implemented, what’s planned going forward and anything we feel you should address internally.

Often exporting companies are in a catch 22 – they are so busy with operational work or chasing sales through conventional channels that the digital export marketing side can be neglected. The MMS service allows you to address this concern in a cost-effective and meaningful way.

If you are an exporting Irish SME employing 10 or more people and have a turnover of at least €1 million then please contact Inspiration Marketing. We may be able to help you secure grant funding for your web development and digital export marketing initiatives.