content marketing


Great content makes your site sing to your target market. The success of your content marketing strategy depends on publishing quality content that drives new customers to your business. Relevant, unique and topical content keeps your site fresh and engaging.

You can assign the role of developing content to someone within your business or alternatively, it can be outsourced to an agency with professional copywriters. Either way, generating strong, original content is the best way to capitalise on your online investment.

Content marketing is also important for successful SEO. Regular updates and quality content lets search engines know that your site is relevant for your target audience.

Integrating content marketing with in-depth keyword research allows you to develop content that is directly in line with the information that prospects are searching for. These insights produce more focused and effective content.

Once your content has been developed, you need to get it seen. A well-organised social media syndication strategy can push your content out to as many prospects as possible, as quickly as possible.

Is it Feasible to Outsource your Content Marketing?

Companies often ask how an external agency can produce quality content for a specialist, technical business. Over the years Inspiration has developed a robust process for this which includes;

  • developing a content marketing strategy, to plan the best approach at the outset
  • interviewing the business owner/managers and the technical team, as appropriate
  • discussing “hot” topics with the target market where feasible
  • researching relevant topics online, on trade sites, competitor sites etc.
  • researching search levels in Google on potential content topics
  • developing and agreeing a brief for each element of content to be produced
  • working through an approval process with the client before publication
  • analysing visitor counts and bounce rates on articles published

Over time we get to know the key issues and messaging that are relevant for each business and these insights allow us to pro-actively identify useful topics and timely content marketing for each target market.

Inspiration can provide you with a range of content marketing services:

  • Website content before go-live
  • White Papers and How To Guides
  • Blogging
  • Social Media updates
  • Sales and Marketing online communications e.g. email marketing.
  • Corporate & Product Brochures
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Content syndication across relevant trade/social media platforms

Two little tips: It is important not to use duplicate content on your website. Even if you own two sites you may be penalised by search engines if the same content appears on both. If you don’t own the site you are copying from, you may be legally penalised on copyright too!

Also remember rich-media content e.g. video, webinars etc are very powerful and should be part of your plan – a video on your landing page or homepage is much more likely to be viewed than text-based content such as articles or white papers.

Get in touch and let us help to plan and develop great content for your target market!