One of the challenges for a professional services business is to price work in a way that

  • Reflects the level of expertise required for the service
  • Is transparent for the client, and fixed where possible
  • Is commercially sustainable for the business
  • Maintains a competitive advantage

Inspiration has been offering much the same rates for many years however as we have
acquired new clients and new team members, rates have varied across different clients,
work and resources.

Recently we have done some competitor research and have found that those few
competitors with a similar level of experience and expertise are charging rates that range
from €100 to €120 per hour.

To offer customers value, we are fixing rates at the lowest end of this scale.

From 1st January 2021, the following fixed rates will apply across all work*


Rate per hour €100
Rate per day €800
Ad Hoc Tech Support
New Clients Minimum €400
Existing Clients Minimum € 50
Annual Maintenance & Support
(Learn more here)


We will contact each client to outline how this will impact their fees; there may be a
marginal increase or we may reduce the time allocated to maintain the same fee.

We are lucky to have many long-standing loyal customers and we trust that we will all
continue to work together successfully into the long-term.



*Please note that separate fees apply where Director-level support exclusively is

Also VAT additional at current rates