Inspiration in Business – We have a Winner!

Occasionally clients ask how did I come up with the name Inspiration and here’s what happened – I had decided to set up my own marketing business and I asked friends if they could think of a good name; there were lots of suggestions but nothing grabbed me.
Then one day I turned to a colleague and said “What I really need is some Inspiration…..” Since then I often refer to the company as Perspiration because I think the two are closely aligned (far too close!). When the recession hit and I shared my biz woos with friends, they began to call it Desperation. But actually sometimes you need to get to the bottom of a barrel to drive the Inspiration that saves the day.

We had a great response to the competition “Inspiration in Business”, so thanks for all the entries. The reason we picked the winner below was because it echoes our own experience here – Inspiration comes with preparation and planning.


Drum Roll Please………

‘Some say that the Irish are lucky… but luck has a plan A, B and C’.

‘The Irish Advantage’ from Enterprise Ireland and Atomic shows Irish companies deliver competitive advantage worldwide. Ireland may be a small dot on the edge of Europe but we are at the heart of global innovation and growth. With a population of only 4.7 million, our happiest residents include Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Sage, and Stripe. This campaign shows that the luck of the Irish is built on hard work and smart thinking, earning our place as a player on the global scale.

Robert Farrell

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