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One good thing about the Brexit noise has been that it has made many businesses think “outside the box” about their business strategy and growth opportunities into the future. And though many of us are kinda tired of government campaigns telling us to “Get Brexit Ready” when we don’t even know what Brexit is – nevertheless we know things are going to change radically for Irish trade.

Inspiration works with many exporters and over the last few years, the demand for localised Pay Per Click (PPC) digital marketing campaigns has been growing. Our customers want to target mainland European buyers and distributors and the only way to do that effectively is to market into these regions in the local language.

While we didn’t have the capacity to do this in the past – we do now. Inhouse, we have both Spanish and Italian speakers and we have a collaborative partnership with French and German resources. This means we can run campaigns in these 4 languages, as well as in English.

Which made us think; after 20 years in business, with inhouse language skills and the capacity to run localised campaigns (and build localised websites of course) – why not open a regional office?

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Ambition Italy

In the event, given some good business contacts that we had in Italy and after some preliminary research, we decided to open an office there this January 2020. It was fortunate that Enterprise Ireland happened to be running a truly excellent event, Ambition Italy, for Irish companies planning to target that market and I attended that meeting recently. Delighted to have met some great contacts there and to have picked up some valuable insights into the market. Also this stat. really stuck out to me – Ireland’s exports to the UK are valued at  8 billion euro; our exports to all of the rest of the EU – combined – are valued at just 4 billion euro. So there’s a huge opportunity for us all out there. In fact another stat. was that the population of Italy alone is around 60 million – which is about the same as the UK I believe.

And one of the interesting people I met was journalist Janine Thomas, who wrote this piece for the Sunday Times yesterday, 24th November, 2019. Thanks for the nod Janine – always helpful to get positive coverage for a small biz – with big ambitions, Grazie mille!