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Importance of an Annual Website Support & Maintenance Contract

The Snapshot

  • The amount of online hacking cases has increased significantly
  • Your website is not secure unless all plugins , software and website templates are up to date
  • The Inspiration annual support and maintenance contract will give the security and peace of mind that you need.

Web design and development is a key service at Inspiration Marketing. We design and build our websites using the latest responsive techniques and browser guidelines. Once a website is launched we support our clients under an annual support & maintenance contract. In this blog post we outline the reasons why we recommend this support contract to our clients:

Internet Security

Internet security software Company Symantec has revealed that the number of data breaches on websites increased by two thirds last year. News of hacked websites has become a familiar occurrence.

The Heartbleed bug is perhaps the most infamous case recently to make the news. According to PC World, “If exploited, the flaw could allow attackers to monitor all information passed between a user and a Web service or even decrypt past traffic they’ve collected”.

So why has there been a surge in hacking cases recently? Let’s explore the most possible reasons:

  • Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods
  • Webmasters are not upgrading to the latest version of their Content Management Systems
  • Plugins are not upgraded by Webmasters which leads to vulnerable files within the plugins

Reasons why a hacker may want to target your website include accessing sensitive information, and sending spam from your email address.

What Happens When a Website is Hacked?

When you website is hacked there are many possible outcomes:

  • Your website can be taken off line by your hosting company
  • Possibility of losing all the data in your website
  • Google will warn visitors not to visit your website
  • There may be several days when your website will be offline as the technical team searches for the source of the hacking and secures the website
  • Customers will lose confidence in your brand’s ability to secure their information
  • Rankings in Google may suffer if your website is offline for a sustained period
  • You may lose new business leads and / or sales due to the website been offline

Annual Support & Maintenance Contract

Your standard hosting fee will not protect you from hacking attempts nor will it ensure your site is securely backed up. For protection we recommend that you sign up to our Annual Support & Maintenance Contract. This service ensures you are Protected and Secure to the best possible extent from potential malicious attacks. These attacks are becoming more frequent. Clients not under a Maintenance and Support contract agreement are taking a risk and ultimately the cost of re-instating the site is likely to be significant by comparison to the Maintenance and Support Agreement annual investment – not to mention the potential damage to your Google rankings and loss of revenue.

The cost for the Annual Maintenance & Support Agreement ranges between Euro 500 – 800 p.a. + vat subject to the size and complexity of the website. Please email [email protected] if you would like to put an Annual Maintenance & Support Agreement in place.