ICT Skillnet Launches the Cybersecurity Skills Initiative at #CyberConf

The 3rd of October marked a significant day in the battle against cybercrime as ICT Skillnet launched their Cybersecurity Skills Initiative. It’s a very exciting initiative and it offers talented people – you(!) – the opportunity to upskill and cross skill to become cybersecurity experts.

In Ireland we have a shortage of qualified people in this field and with more cybersecurity jobs coming on-stream all the time, there’s plenty of opportunities for people interested in the area.

It’s not all about training security professionals though….. Lots of the current training programmes on offer are around cybersecurity awareness and aimed at business owners and senior managers. So, if you want to get a bit more general knowledge into good ways to protect your data, it’s worth checking these courses out.

The Cybersecurity Conference #CyberConf

The conference on the 3rd Oct. was a lot of fun and had a mixture of presentations by some high profile security experts, together with panel discussions and breakout sessions.

cybersecurity initiative
The most popular breakout session was a cybersecurity training session based on the Capture the Flag framework. This was led by a team of security professionals where the attendees worked together in teams to fight of a series of simulated cyber-attacks….. The coffee certainly flowed for this event!!

In terms of protecting your business from attacks, we couldn’t agree more with some of the points made by Brian Honan – one of Ireland thought leaders in security…. prevention is better than the cure. Brain pointed out that often the root causes of security breaches are really simple things like:

  • Poor Passwords
  • Old Platforms – Out of Date WordPress and Plugins for example
  • Out of Date Anti-Virus Software
  • Lack of Monitoring

cybersecurity initiative ireland

Having a breach is nothing to be ashamed about – it happens in all kinds of well-run businesses, large and small.  The main focus though, should be to actively do your best to protect your business and try not to pass infections along to others. In a lot of cases it can be months before a breach is spotted and by this time the damage is done. A serious attack can have a detrimental effect on the core functioning of a business or organisation.

We strongly recommend getting proactive and ensuring you have a maintenance support contract in place to help protect your website, for example.

Social Media Event Management

We’ve been working with ICT Skillnet since the beginning of the year and we were really excited to run the social media activity promoting the conference and sharing news on the day. There was a super response with plenty of engagement from both speakers and attendees…. Great buzz to see #CyberConf trending on Twitter helping to raise awareness of this great new initiative.

Well done to everyone on the day and see you at the next big Cybersecurity event!!