Linkedin Company Page

A Guide To LinkedIn Company Pages

The Snapshot

  • LinkedIn is an effective way to communicate with industry professionals
  • There are two separate profile potions; a Company Profile and a Personal one
  • Establishing a company page is not difficult
  • LinkedIn currently has over 1 million registered Irish users
  • Irish members are one of the most engaged audiences on LinkedIn
  • Your company needs to have a dedicated LinkedIn page

Linkedin Company Page
As most Irish companies have to compete aggressively for customers against local and international competitors, it’s more important than ever for businesses to use every tool at their disposal to drive leads – and one those tools is definitely LinkedIn.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter are all important social media channels but if you want to connect and grow your organisations profile with professional people working in your industry sector, then there is currently no better place to do that than on LinkedIn.

At the end of 2013 LinkedIn confirmed that they had over 1 million registered Irish users of the social networking site. This figure combined with a global membership of 259 million users worldwide should really indicate the massive potential that LinkedIn has for companies seeking to establish contact with motivated and engaged professionals – decision makers in your market.

Speaking about these statistics the Head of International Operations at LinkedIn’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin Sharon McCooey has been quoted as saying that “Our data…shows that our Irish members are one of the most engaged audiences in the world for LinkedIn…they’re sharing knowledge, building their network and getting access to a world of potential connections, business partners, investors, employers and employees.”

Set Up A Company Page

So now you know why you should establish a company page on LinkedIn, the question is how can you do it? Well you’ll be glad to hear that it is literally a piece of cake (ok, not literally!) The key criteria are listed below. Lots of our clients make the mistake of setting up a personal LinkedIn profile and assuming this is sufficient however it’s worthwhile separating these out and having a company profile as a separate entity on LinkedIn.

There are some really fundamental steps you need to follow to create a company page on LinkedIn and the first of these is to do the initial set-up, which can be done from this section of LinkedIn.

Once you have added your company name you can add relevant content, updates, links and news to your company page. LinkedIn has helpfully created a basic step by step guide  for users that covers the majority of the aspects involved in setting up an effective company page.

This video created by LinkedIn demonstrates how straightforward it is to edit and adjust the content on a company page to ensure that it really engages with your audience and grows the amount of followers you attract.

Key Benefits of having A LinkedIn Company Page

There are many benefits for your organisation in successfully establishing a LinkedIn company page, these are the ones we think are most important:

  • Engage with new clients/customers; Link up and build your network
  • Build up industry authority through relevant posts/links
  • Analyse your company pages performance – see who viewed your profile
  • Use analytics to Share company updates/success stories
  • Showcase the skills of your employees

This video highlights how you can use the reporting analytics built into LinkedIn to measure key analytics regarding the performance of your company page. This enables you to build on areas that are achieving results and improve upon areas of your page that are not fully optimized.

Clearly there is a significant advantage in establishing a strong LinkedIn company page profile – it’s a showcase for the many decision makers on LinkedIn in your market sector. If you do find yourself stuck for ideas Inspiration can help, we have provided consultancy services to a number of organisations regarding their LinkedIn company profiles and we have been able to successfully increase the amount of interaction that they are having with clients, customers and contractors via their Company page – often just one day’s work, including a training session, is sufficient to organise the set-up properly at the outset and to give you an effective platform and skills to make the most of it going forward. Why not call us to find out more?

As always on this blog we want to know what you think, are you already a fully established LinkedIn ninja? Or do you require a friendly nudge in the right direction? Either way share your thoughts, triumphs or tribulations with us on our own LinkedIn company page.