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Why Would A Factory In A Field Use Google + ?


Google+ & Gmail Messaging Integration

So have you heard the old joke about Google+? It’s just like the gym everyone is a member but no-one ever goes there. Funny? However it looks like the last laugh in this case will be with Google. After all you don’t create the most used search engine in the world without having some kind of strategic plan in place when you launch your very own social media offering.

And that plan recently became slightly clearer with the announcement from  Google  that Gmail users will now be able to e-mail people that they have added into one of their circles on Google + but for whom they don’t have an e-mail address.


The above image demonstrates how the new interface will be incorporated into Gmail. The possibility of this is of course that companies and individuals will now be able to e-mail people via their Gmail e-mail client as long as they have added them to a circle on Google +. This is a feature that can be deactivated by individual Google + users but much like the privacy features of Facebook it might take some time before that functionality is widely used.

 The Googleverse is Growing

This is just another example of the ever increasing domination of the Google eco-system upon all users of the internet. The below graphic visualises just how many of the daily on-line resources that we use are controlled and operated by Google.

Google  Platforms

The linking of Google + with Gmail demonstrates Google’s ambition to create a Googleverse of on-line applications which contain such impressive functionality that we will have to use them out of sheer necessity. This is all well and good but what you might ask is the effect Google + will have on the on-line marketing process?

Well at Inspiration we have been doing some digging on this issue, and the answer it transpires is quite a lot.  The excellent people over at the Moz Blog have developed some interesting statistics regarding how the number of Goole +1’s a webpage receives might have a significant impact on their page ranking within search engines.

The below chart demonstrates this in more detail:

Moz screengrab

Their research indicates that while Google +1’s do not actually specifically effect the page rankings of web pages based on the volume of Google+1’s that they receive they certainly do have an impact on the overall SEO rankings of individual web pages. You can read the full post here and make up your own mind, however we would recommend that any organisation trying to use Google + to drive their web page SEO rankings initially follows three simple steps which are:

  • Start building relationships on Google+
  • Post share-worthy content on Google+
  • Add Google authorship information to your online content

The importance that Google + is placing on the SEO aspect of its site is reinforced by comments the head of Google + Vic Gundotra made regarding the social media platform, Gundotra is quotes as saying that

“It’s really the unification of all of Google’s services, with a common social layer. Google+ places a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), which differentiates it from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.”

Google+ Key Features

Aside from this aspect of Google + there are a number of other key features which Google + incorporates such as:

  • Google + Hangouts
  • Google + Circles
  • Google + Communities
  • Google + Pictures

We are going to be looking at all these other aspects of Google + in more detail over the coming weeks here on the Inspiration blog, however we would like to invite you to share your views with us on Google +, are you an active user? Does your company have a Google + presence? And what is your overall opinion on Google +? Let us know on Inspiration’s Google + page and while you are there why not add us into one of your circles and we promise to return the favour!