Computer - Digital Trends 2020

Digital Trends for the 2020s.

We know – with tech; change is constant!

At the start of the 2010s, social media was just finding its feet, the average person didn’t  have a smart phone, Broadband connections were certainly not as quick or as widespread as today… and the decade went by in a flash of selfies!

So what’s coming down the track for the next 10 years in digital marketing? Honestly almost impossible to predict anything but sure – we’ll give it a whirl…..


Content is….Still Queen(!)

Yes that’s right – content still rules. Why? People don’t want to feel ‘sold to’. They either want to be informed or entertained. Content allows us to build trust – but only if it is helpful in some way or engaging or funny. But we know that – what will continue to evolve is the way content is being consumed and the variety of content types out there. Blogs, Video, Voice/Podcasts – all will continue to exist but as we become more pressed for time… people will generally want quicker doses of your content, until they trust your brand – think super-snappy social posts, short-short videos etc.

Privacy & Data

Make no mistake. The big players like Google and Facebook have – in many respects – more power than some countries. As the Jim Morrison quote goes; ‘whoever controls the media, controls the mind’. With the advent of GDPR, we are becoming more aware of data and privacy. And given the rise of alternatives such as Duck Duck Go – the theme of privacy around internet use is going to continue to make a lot of noise throughout the 2020s.


Artificial Intelligence AI

Once seen as a purely futuristic concept, AI is now a reality. A current example of AI in practice is chatbots. The ability to create highly personalised experiences in an automated manner is gong to be hugely cost-effective for business processes and therefore will inevitably gain traction. Another key use Of AI for marketers is the power to optimize digital advertising. By combining AI with Big Data, the business intelligence available to target prospective customers is huge. So for the next decade, artificial intelligence will continue to be at the core of marketing.

The Evolution of social

Once seen as the go to social media channels, Twitter and particularly Facebook’s organic reach are quite poor. From a marketer’s point of view, there are many different niche channels. Depending on the business and its’ objectives – there’s a variety of options. Right now, platforms such LinkedIn and TikTok have quite a high organic reach.  Other options such as Pinterest, Medium and Reddit represent further specific alternatives. The key point is that social media channels will probably get more specific to certain demographics will continue to evolve.


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