Gov Bodies

Comprehensive Service

You probably want to have the independence to run your own email marketing activity, but the comfort of having back-up if you need it. And especially – the ability to call a local Irish supplier for technical support when it’s needed. Inspiration works with many government bodies to supply an email marketing service that is as hands-on, or hands-off, as you want it to be.

The 360 service includes:

  • Access to the platform, which includes mobile-ready email templates, automated list handling (unsubscribes etc), advanced reporting, personalisation and many other features.
  • An onboarding service including branding the chosen template, upload the content for the first send, upload the compliant email lists, set-up a sub-site to display the linked articles/ezines and the archives, manage the initial send and training to handle future sends internally.
  • The sub-site allows your team/Dept. to upload content to webpages without the need for the IT or other Dept. to do this on the organisation’s central website, which can take time, and resources may be limited.
  • Training and technical support is given, as needed.

Security and Compliance

The platform used by Inspiration complies with all GDPR requirements and data privacy is integrated into the core of the software. Processes are also in place to protect data and facilitate lawful data processing. That’s why so many government agencies use Inspiration to facilitate their email marketing programmes.

Another advantage is you may not want an organisations credit card to be used to buy email credits, exposing it to the risk of hacks/fraud – Inspiration simply invoices all fees.

Extra Resourcing

Many government bodies are currently experiencing a hiring freeze. If this is impacting your ability to deliver on your email or other digital marketing activities, work can be outsourced to Inspiration. We can do this work on a contract or ad-hoc basis or we can allocate a dedicated resource, that is suitably qualified, to manage the activity and to work closely and directly with your internal team.