Digital Marketing Strategy Revisited

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

In this post we relook at some important aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy. Again this post is a short compilation of recent Inspiration blog & Digital Hub posts on the topic. We find that a lot of SME’s launch into their online marketing activities without having a clear direction. What should we do? How should we do it? and why should we take this approach?

To assist our SME clients we have developed a comprehensive guide to researching and formulating a Digital Marketing Strategy and outlining a plan to implement this strategy. The full guide is available on the Digital Hub section of our website

The guide covers

  • Researching & analysing your target market
  • Assessing your own digital marketing capabilities and goal setting.
  • Assessing Current Website Situation & Performance
  • Competitor Analyses
  • Key components of your digital marketing strategy
  • Implementation planning

To support the comprehensive Digital Strategy we produced a series of three detailed blog posts on some of the key areas

SEO Strategy  

SEO | Search Engine Optimisation Do's and don'ts

This post outlines the key SEO activities which should be implemented while flagging some Red Light areas to be avoided

SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

In relation to SEO if you have time have a read through a more comprehensive guide we have developed on SEO strategy . Here we take a detailed look at the upfront onsite SEO work required just before and immediately after a website goes live. We also examine some of the tools, software and websites which can assist in the SEO | Search Engine Optimisation process.

Competitor Research  

Digital Marketing Strategy - Competitor Research Phase

In researching and documenting your Digital Marketing Strategy it’s important to understand who your online competitors are and what these competitors are doing. This post takes your through how to identify the key aspects of your competitors approach  . This will allow you to more clearly identify your own approach so that you can develop your own online niche to compete more effectively.

Content Marketing 

content marketing phase of Digital Strategy

Inspiration have learned the importance of Content Marketing through our many client engagements. We have seen the benefits and direct impact on improving website performance through a quality ‘Content Marketing’ approach.  In this post we go through What Content Marketing is, why it is important and how your business might go about developing your own Content Marketing strategy.

Content Marketing done well is a key driver to and underpins your whole Digital Marketing Strategic approach. Check back soon when we will be publishing an even more comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy guide on our Digital section of the website