Retailers; Access eCommerce Expertise And Funding – New Round of Funding Coming

This Fund is Only Applicable to Retailers with 10 or more Employees

Enterprise Ireland has announced the third phase of the highly successful & unprecedented COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme. Details have just been announced and applications will open early May 21.

This is a lifeline for retail businesses to embrace digital marketing to get through this pandemic. Your business could benefit significantly, if you qualify.


In Phase 1 and Phase 2 rolled out over 2020 – Inspiration Marketing had 100% success rate for applications.


We are thoroughly familiar with the paperwork involved in applying for this grant and can help you navigate through this process successfully – subject to EI approval

Let’s apply for this opportunity together.


    Need to Know: The Details

    • Applications for funding are invited through a public Call for submission of projects.
      • Call Open date: Tuesday 4th May
      • Call Close date: Tuesday 25th May
    • It’s likely that successful applicants will be awarded funding to a max of 80% of the project costs.
    • The minimum grant amount payable is likely to be €10,000 under this Scheme.

    We urge you to fill out our enquiry form and we will keep you up to speed, and help you to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Who is it for? Essential Requirements


    • You have primarily a B2C business model.
    • You have an online presence (social media or website).
    • You have a retail store – If you provide both products and services, you must demonstrate that you have more than 50% revenue from products.
    • You must employ at least 10 employees in the Republic of Ireland.
    • Previous applicant? Whether successful or not in your first attempt – you can reapply with a modified project. If you are a previously successful applicant – you are eligible to re-apply under this call – once you’ve fully completed the previous call & fully claimed all eligible costs before this call close date.

    Why Apply with Inspiration?


    • Inspiration Marketing had 100% success rate for applications Phase 1 and Phase 2. We expect similar results in this phase.
    • Over 20 years in Business…& lots of experience.
    • Digital Experts across the main areas of Marketing such as Paid Ads, SEO, Strategy etc along with inhouse pro’s in Web Design & Web Development.
    • Very Client focused approach. We design & create digital marketing solutions to deliver your overall objectives.
    • We deliver results. This means more traffic, more conversions & better ROI.

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