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Content Marketing Agency – What?

Part 1 – Intro and Benchmarking Performance

In this short series of articles, we’ll outline

Part 1 – What Constitutes Content Marketing & Benchmarking Performance

Part 2 – Content Marketing Approach & Considerations

Part 3 – Content Round-up; Top Tips

Content marketing agencies in Dublin like Inspiration specialise in developing content for clients for a variety of purposes including lead generation, supporting the brand, maintaining social media profiles and engaging the customers of our own clients with timely and relevant news.

Typically we produce content in three main contexts;

Most people understand the need for compelling content for a website and of course PR in relevant trade websites and publications is useful but many B2B companies are not fully up-to-speed with the power of content in terms of driving website traffic and generating leads.

This blog is designed to outline why content is effective in this context, what we do to implement content marketing that generates qualified leads and the kind of results we have achieved.

Hopefully you will pick up some ideas and of course if you want to talk through your plans for 2017; give us a shout!

Benchmarking Performance

In terms of moving forward, one of the most important aspects of your marketing to get right is the Benchmark Reporting. It’s easy to get lost in Google Analytics and while there’s lots of stats in there – what you really want is useful management information and monthly reports that are consistent so that they are comparative. They could also be part of the monthly management team meeting as the reports can highlight areas for action.  At Inspiration, we subscribe to a number of state-of-the software tools that we use to report on website performance. While it’s not necessary for clients to be aware of all the technical SEO activity that needs to be implemented on an ongoing basis (e.g. dis-avowing poor links, addressing speed issues etc), the bottom line is typically an analysis of enquiries, visitor engagement and the visibility of the site to key target markets. We generate two reports each month for clients to benchmark performance in that context;

  • The key term ranking report as below; this report shows the search terms the client is trying to perform for in, the number of searches for that term each month (indicative) , the level of competition (taken from AdWords) for that term and where the clients website appears in Google; So there are about 10 searches each month for “Fermentation vessel”, it is 45% competitive (this isn’t too bad!) and the client is appearing at number 1 in the results (though this will be after AdWords).

content marketing agency dublin inspiration keyword

  • Summary site performance report. This report takes the most important metrics from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and summarises it into a quick reference one-page report (well typically 2 if I’m honest!). The aspect that clients are typically most interested in is Conversions / Goals. e.g. fills out a contact form, while goals are targeted, desirable actions that the site visitor has taken on the site e.g. downloaded a white paper or viewed a video. Remember you can track “click to calls” too i.e. when someone rings in off a mobile by tapping the tel. no.

BTW It’s important to look at stats. in the context of the same month the previous year and how the conversions are going and this is a great example of why that is – the extract of the performance report below, shows that there were 12,000 visitors in this month, the red boxes beneath this show that as 34% down on the previous month (seasonal) and 45% down on the same month the previous year. Yet underneath the Visits box, you can see Conversions (355) and these were UP 16% on the previous year so while there were fewer visitors, there were more conversions; this signifies better, more targeted marketing. The box bottom left shows where the people who too action on the site came from (mainly Google searches) and bottom right shows the conversions that are being tracked e.g. there were 78 contact forms completed.

content marketing agency dublin inspiration website performance

Content Marketing – Strategy & Tactics

Developing a good digital marketing strategy is often the first piece of the jigsaw in terms of working effectively on a content marketing plan.

Often companies will contact us with no clear plan or vision and in many cases, no goals or targets have been established. We carefully work with the client to devise a digital strategy that complements their current business plan. The scope of planning can vary – if the company is only targeting the UK and Ireland for example, it can be straight-forward; where multiple geographies and target audiences come into play, more detailed analysis may be required.  Typically, we will do Target Audience Profiling, Competitor Analysis, Activity Analysis, Search Engine Optimisation Research. We then map out a best-in-class approach; taking into account the current position – the ideal landscape for digital marketing and what needs to happen to move the business from its current standing to the optimal digital positioning. Typically content is central to this plan.

Plan 2017 – Get in Touch!

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