Content Marketing Agencies – What? Part III

Content Marketing Agencies – Roundup and Top Tips

Ok so here’s the final part in our three-part content marketing agencies series. We’ve covered several topics so you should be a bit more familiar with content marketing now and should be able to have go at putting together a content plan for your own website. Remember there are a number of reasons to invest in content marketing – it keeps your site current, it engages your audience and it helps with your rankings in Google – giving you a better chance of getting quality leads through the site. Here’s what we covered in the earlier articles…..

  • Part 1: We gave you an intro to content and discussed the importance of benchmarking the performance of your website.
  • Part 2: We covered the basics of search engine optimization techniques, keyword research, links, SEO tagging, speed and mobile issues.

Now we’re going to focus on the content itself – here’s a few tips on how to go about creating fresh, interesting articles and updates for your site.

Your Businesses Goals

content marketing agencies goals

Businesses, big and small, are trying to publish more and more content in a battle to be Number 1 in Google search results. Before you jump in and start producing content we suggest establishing some goals and deciding what’s right for your business. Don’t just assume that more is better, take a look at the bigger picture and make sure that what you publish is done in the context of a good digital strategy  – one that aligns with your business goals.

You may be trying to get more email enquiries, increase the number of calls from your site, get more people to complete a contact form, download pdfs, buy something on your site or simply position your brand in a certain light. Or maybe all of the above!

Besides being clear on your goals, another preliminary step is to take the time to look at the design of your site. Is the design up to date or does it need a bit of a facelift? Is it optimized of mobile, are the call to actions (CTAs) working properly, is the site easy to navigate?

If your starting with a poorly designed site you’ll be fighting an uphill battle so invest in your site and give yourself a fighting chance!

Quality Content

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ being thrown around – for decades really; long before the net! Producing quality content is the aim of the game but in reality, it’s a tricky thing to get right and it takes time and resources. That’s why more and more of companies are outsourcing the job these days.

You’ll need to develop content that is engaging, informative and that connects with your audience. It’s very important that the content you create is original and not copied from another site – for a number of reasons; Google doesn’t like duplicate content, it’s better for your biz to hone internal content skills and of course there may be copyright issues with using someone else’s content.

Where do I start?

We often come across companies that say little happens in their industry or they don’t have regular new product developments or news. When you pick through their business and trading environment though, you can quickly uncover veins of rich content just waiting to be tapped. Here’s some ideas;

  • What Accreditations, Quality standards etc have you achieved; what are you planning to secure?
  • Is there new technologies about to impact your industry (there is!)
  • Interview the promotor, Directors, engineers – talk about the things that impact your customers and how you help solve their problems
  • Get an independent agency to interview your customers; this is a great way to get case studies and testimonials fur future use in sales material too (we can usually do 3 interviews in a day; with about 750 words each)
  • Is there new legislation coming down the line that will impact your clients?
  • What about events; is there a key industry Expo to write about? Are you exhibiting or could your international clients meet you there?

When you get down to it; business is dynamic and there’s always good content to be written!

Also take a look at your competitor websites and also check out sites you just like – that may be in an unrelated field.  You’ll quickly be able to pick out content that’s good and content that’s not so good! You’ll begin to get an idea of the tone of voice that’s right for your business and when you get that – you’ll feel more comfortable writing for your audience.

Keyword Focused and Well Optimized



Remember in Part 2 when we talked about your keyword research and tagging? This is where you implement your chosen keywords.

You need to focus your articles around your chosen keywords and use the keywords throughout your content.

Follow the steps from the Yoast plugin and see where you can improve things. For example, try use your keywords in: H1s and H2s, in your article url, in your image alt tags etc but make sure it’s natural. You don’t want to stuff them in all over the place just for the sake of it! That doesn’t work for Google and it definitely doesn’t work for your audience.

Always remember it has to read well and be useful for your target audience. And don’t think you can proof and edit your own work btw – no-one can!

Content Marketing v PPC

content marketing agencies adwords

We often get asked, ‘What should I invest in – Content Marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click)?’

In an ideal world, you would invest in both. The advantages of paid advertising are that it gets you right to the top of the list in search. The effects are more immediate. However, the effects of turning the advertising off are also immediate and you dis-appear straight away.

With content marketing, there are different advantages. Unlike paid advertising there is a slower dropout when you stop producing new content and the keywords you are ranking for are more likely to hold their position for a time. New content is great for being shared on social media and also helps keep your website fresh.

Studies have found that people have higher levels of trust in a company and are more likely to buy its products or services if they like and feel confident in the website. Having up to date content is a good way of increasing a user’s level of trust.

Paid advertising can be quite expensive depending on the terms you are targeting. It’s always good to work out how much a lead is worth to you. If you’re selling cheap items with low margins, paid advertising might not be the way to go. It’s also a very specialised area and if companies try to manage this internally without the right knowledge and skills they can quickly end up throwing good money after bad – be warned!!! If you are outsourcing Adwords – make sure a Google Adwords Professional is managing your account.

Track your Progress

content marketing agencies tools moz

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! Keeping a track of your progress is really important. There’s no point in doing all your marketing without keeping an eye on its success. Look at your benchmark reports and see how things have improved.

Get stuck into Google Analytics – you can find tonnes of great information there and it’s a completely free tool to use.

There’s plenty of great tools out there such as Moz and SEO Profiler that you can use to track your keyword performance over time.

Stick at it! Content marketing takes time but the results are worth it.


Ok so let’s do a little recap of the content marketing agencies series before we go for a well-earned coffee….

  • Benchmarking – Find out where your site currently is and how it’s performing.
  • Keyword Research – Do your research and start targeting the right terms.
  • Good Quality Content – Produce content that’s interesting and useful for your target audience. Make sure its fresh content, not copied.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization, use the techniques we described to help your site rank in search engines
  • Website Design – Does your site reflect the quality of your brand? Is it up to date, fast, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and are the Calls to Action obvious?

Plenty to think about! If you need any advice or help with your websites design, content marketing or optimization please contact us.