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Our Involvement

Inspiration has provided website design and online marketing support services to Murco over many years. This ongoing partnership approach has helped to grow a truly global online presence.  The website is now a key marketing tool for lead generation and new business across international markets.  The key elements of the engagement have comprised;

  • Corporate website design and development
  • Creation of sub folders websites for Spain and France and a separate Top Level Domain (TLD) for Germany
  • Developed digital marketing strategy & tactical implementation plan
  • Technical SEO implementation as part of overall Strategic approach
  • Content development and syndication of content online
  • Regular and evolving monthly reporting on all key performance metrics
  • Training and knowledge transfer to allow activities to be taken in house
  • Hosting and domain registration for country specific targeting services

Murco have been supported by Inspiration Marketing for many years. They have helped us develop and grow our business globally using Digital Marketing Channels. We are looking forward to the next phase of this partnership. As a business we understand that continued growth and expansion of our online footprint can only occur through regular and sustained Monthly Marketing based on a sound strategic approach

Roisin McCarron from Murco



Client Background

Murco Gas DetectionMurco, now part of the US based Bacharach group specialises in the production of sophisticated gas detection and monitoring systems. They provide gas detection systems to companies operating in the commercial, industrial and marine sectors. Murco have a diverse range of global clients. These clients rely on the quality and effectiveness of Murco’s gas detection systems.


Inspiration Marketing has been supporting Murco for many years. We have supported them in a variety of different ways. Developing their corporate web presence www.murcogasdetection.com. We also developed sub folder sites for Spain and France and established a unique local Top Level Domain (TLD) for their business in Germany. Inspiration also provided ongoing Monthly Marketing Support to promote and enhance the company’s web presence.

Our work with Murco is a case study in what can be achieved with a long term commitment to ongoing online marketing based on a sound strategic digital marketing approach. We have helped the company to generate significant new business online across their key international target markets.


Murco have achieved a variety of positive results over the course of our engagement. The key impact is the increased number of ongoing qualified leads being generated from their web presence. These leads come directly from email off the websites and via telephone. Murco realised the full extent of new business leads being generated by the website once they started to track the source of inbound telephone calls. This was a key learning which we would advise for all our clients.

Website email clicks 340 people emailed Murco through the website last year using the email address only  – average nearly 1 per day through this channel
Website contact forms filled in 120 people filled in enquiry forms through the website last year. A lead through this channel every 3rd day
Phone calls from website Averaging 12 per month
  • Averaging 3,000 unique site visitors per month with 80% new visits
  • First page google rankings for 22 target keywords
  • Global sales enquiries