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Our Involvement

Inspiration developed the new website inline with the Town ‘Brand project’ brief and based on the supplied design. The website was designed to be a one stop shop ‘Portal‘ for residents, tourists and the business community looking for relevant / timely information on Dun Laoghaire town. Inspiration worked with the council Brand project team in evolving a social media and content development strategy to promote the new online presence.

We rolled out this strategy and supported the project monthly through our online Monthly Marketing Support service. We tested both Facebook and Google advertising which provided mixed levels of success. We designed a monthly graphical ezine and broadcasted the ezine to the target audience database on behalf of the town Brand team.

Regular Facebook updates and engagement became central to the overall promotion strategy. Facebook allowed ‘the place’ to converse on a regular basis with a worldwide audience as you would with a friend. It allowed for photos, comments, events and real time information to be shared and it was integrated into the website.



Client Background

Dun Laoghaire RathdownBRAND was a three year running project funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  The BRAND Project partners included Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Ireland. The project sought to address negative perceptions and improve the reputation of the towns by adopting a place branding methodology based on a process of community engagement. Therefore the project acted as a framework for change to help promote Dún Laoghaire Town as a place in which to do business, invest, visit and live.


Having won the tender the brief for Inspiration Marketing was to design and develop a sleek, simple, functional and content rich website for Dun Laoghaire Town using the new Brand identity. The brief required the following outputs:

  • Dun Laoghaire Town website using the new brand identity, and taking into consideration the requirements of the different target audiences
  • Online Marketing Content and Social Media strategy development and implementation for promoting the Town website post launch

The website aimed to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for people looking for information on Dun Laoghaire. Target audiences for the website included Residents, Local businesses, Tourists from abroad and Irish visitors.


From a zero base the new website traffic grew very quickly to a monthly averaging between  6 – 7k unique visitors. Visitor levels typically peaked during both the busy summer festival season and the Christmas market. A high of 17k unique visitors was achieved in Christmas 2012. Search Engine Optimisation strategy focused on 3 main strands.

  • Dun Laoghaire as coastal / Dublin bay gateway
  • Common Misspellings of the town name
  • Key local events

Top 5 rankings in Google search results were achieved almost across the board with many 1st / 2nd place rankings. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DunLaoghaireTown likes grew to 4,700 with active ongoing engagement among followers each month. This social media channel backed up by a  regular ezine newsletter became key components for promoting the town to its target audience.

I would like to thank Inspiration for their work and support over the past three years to establish the online platforms and develop their relevance in terms of design and layout; getting the platforms ‘live’; the training of our staff; and improving ‘key word search visibility’. Our broad objective was to explore the on-line platforms as place branding tools. Together, I think we learned a lot and have given Dun Laoghaire significant channels to continue communicating with residents, visitors and workers alike.

Economic Development Officer – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council