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Chris Butler Digital Marketing Intern for a Day!

Sun. Sea. Search Engine Optimisation. I forgot how lovely an afternoon in Dun Laoghaire harbour can be. I was reminded on my day long internship with Inspiration Marketing. Originally having done an English with Film degree from University College Dublin, Marketing had recently become a growing curiosity in the back of my mind. I decided to explore this curiosity, eventually getting in contact with Cathy McGovern and the team at Inspiration in the process. As a result, I was introduced to the living, breathing, evolving machine that is Digital Marketing.

Social Media Management

Carl McEvoy, Inspiration`s Client Services Manager showed me one of the various ways that companies can improve their online visibility. This is through keeping up to date with developments and news in their specific feed, and translating this knowledge into blog and social media posts. Carl uses the site Hootsuite to schedule these posts on behalf of the client, and adheres to a well-crafted timeline that details when to post to ensure post engagement and improve client visibility online.

Measuring Performance

I was then shown how Inspiration works with their clients to ensure their complete satisfaction, through reports detailing the performance of certain keywords in different search engines, primarily Google and Google Mobile. The report details the average monthly searches of keywords, as well as the competition that the client will face over them.

Inspiration also do reporting on websites performance on a monthly basis measuring conversion rates and website events as part of their Monthly Marketing services.

Client Meeting – Digital Marketing

Shortly after this, Cathy whisked me away to give me an idea as to how clients are initially drawn to hire Inspiration. I was given the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with a newly signed up client. Cathy presented their long-term plan to improve the client`s website, as well as to improve their online visibility. In addition, she highlighted Inspiration`s commitment to assist the client when it came to developments in the digital world, as well as in their own industry, all the while maintaining site engagement and high digital sales numbers.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

After being enlightened to Inspiration`s process from first pitch to site launch, I was given a look behind the SEO scenes, to the immensely meticulous work that ensures good results in Digital Marketing. As Carl told me “If you can`t measure it, you can`t manage it”. I simply observed as Carl trawled through pages and pages of keywords, brainstorming any others that will relate to the new client in a Google search. A list of these keywords are compiled into the report, where the client narrows them down to a list of their preferred keywords. With the data compiled and approved, Inspiration can work to improve the site`s presence online through these keywords. While this process can be seen as the most taxing, it is a vital part of getting a site ranking online, acting as the bare bones of any Digital Marketing Campaign.

Overall, my time with Inspiration proved to be immensely fruitful, satisfying my deep curiosity with the world of Digital Marketing. The field is one that is constantly changing and developing, and this experience has inspired me to pursue more opportunities in this impressive and innovative field.