Budget left in 2014? Don’t waste it!

Have you got to the end of 2014 with a little money left in your marketing budget? Alternatively are you self-employed with a year-end coming up and you want to invest in the business to minimise or eliminate a potential tax bill?

Well don’t waste the opportunity, potentially lose budget for next year and finish the year on a flat note! Inspiration.ie offers clients discounted daily rates when paid upfront and this is something you could consider. This is how we work with customers to optimise end-of-year budgets

  • Meet in December and discuss business objectives and marketing requirements for 2015
  • Quote on these requirements, offering a discounted daily rate for upfront payment
  • Agree and schedule the work for next year
  • Invoice and receive payment in advance, at the discounted rate
  • We track all hours worked for clients and do monthly reports

Enterprise Ireland Client Company?

December is a traditionally quiet month for many industrial businesses so make the most of the opportunity to plan ahead and optimise budgets. It’s also a good time to do the paperwork that’s a real drag when you are busy, so if you are considering applying for funding for your online marketing activity in 2015, now’s a great time to get the application together. This is something Inspiration can help you with, though obviously Enterprise Ireland are the decision-makers and you must be an approved client of theirs already to even apply.

Contact us now if you want to plan for 2015 and make the most of the traditional seasonal slump!