Need for Speed? AMP Me Up Baby!

iPhones, Androids, iPads– how did we ever live without them? We give out about kids being glued to their phones but for adults too, it’s all about smartphones and mobile tech these days and if we’re honest, that’s the way we like it.

What we don’t like is losing precious time waiting for sites to download on our iPhones – time we will never get back – arghhhh! And this is where AMP plays a stormer…..

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the latest tech in web design that’s being pushed by the internet Gods, Google. In simple terms, it improves the user experience by speeding up websites – we’re all tired of waiting for what seems like an eternity (but may only be 10 seconds!) for sites to slowly slowly appear on our smartphones and AMP has been developed to try to minimise this issue.

Mobile users expect web pages to load just as quickly on their phones as on their desktop computers. Amazon found that even a one second delay in page load speeds could end up costing the company $1.6bn annually! AMPs have the ability to load up to 80% quicker than standard pages, shaving off valuable seconds.

no amp speed test accelerated mobile pages


Load time 8.9 seconds on regular page.


accelerated mobile pages amp speed test


Load time 3.4 seconds AMP.


The good news is that it doesn’t cost much – or take long – to implement AMP.

In this post we’ll explain why you need to implement AMP and what’s in it for your biz….

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AMP it Up

Slow downloading of content is not just frustrating – it often causes site visitors to jump off the page without waiting it out. Another reason they leave is when content keeps jumping around e.g. when you start to read one article but it suddenly moves because an image has subsequently downloaded – it doesn’t take much of this poor user experience for a visitor to just move on – potentially to a competitor site.

This is exactly what you don’t want to happen when your customers visit your website.

You want visitors to have a stress-free experience where they can read all your amazing content with no hassle, don’t you? And this is essentially what the AMP Project is about.

It’s designed to make the internet a better place for all of us. It speeds up the content on your mobile device by stripping out any unnecessary weight behind the site. The end result is a much smoother experience for users of an AMP version of a webpage.

This happy chappy from Google gives a great explanation…….


It’s pretty much common knowledge that users prefer websites that run faster and this is even more the case when it comes to browsing on mobile devices. Recent research shows that AMP can lead to 2x increase in the amount of time a users spends on a page. The study also finds that e-commerce sites can have a 20% growth in sales conversions after implementing AMP.

Time / Cost of AMP

To implement the new accelerated pages for mobile, you’ll need a developer to do some tech work but it’s pretty quick to do – when we’ve implemented it on B2B websites it has generally taken about an hour.  However this is the basic implementation of AMP – and it just means that a stripped down version of your site is visible in mobiles and in search results in Google (the search results are marked with an AMP symbol too so people know it’ll be a fast web page).

This is what Inspirations AMP looks like in the Google results in a mobile phone by the way….

accelerated mobile pages amp pages web design inspiration

However, for eCommerce sites or if you’re marketing on a B2C basis, you might want to take advantage of the fact that you have an option to customise the appearance of the AMP site. AMP allows you to add more structured data for to articles, recipes, reviews and other content. And the way in which branding (logo, colours), headers, links etc appear can all be customised. This will typically require a design resource and more time on the tech side to implement the customisation – however it’s still not going to take that long – at the extreme end, it’s unlikely to be more than a day in total – no matter how fussy the client is (forgive me!).

AMP Has Entered the Building….

And she ain’t going nowhere! At this stage, there’s no real choice – ye gotta AMP.

There’s tonnes of stats that show how important smartphones are; 86% of Irish consumers own or have access to a smartphone, Irish smart phone usage is the highest in the western world, smartphone penetration is higher in Ireland than the UK and happily smart phones will be getting smarter!  But life’s probably too short to be looking at general trends.

What’s more interesting is what’s happening on the ground for Irish biz. Lots of our clients invest in content marketing and SEO so we’re always analysing stats. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a radical increase in mobile traffic – for all our clients. This includes businesses that would have traditionally considered their audience to be desk-based and therefore more likely to be on a desk-top, such as professional services and businesses that might have considered their clients to be non-tech-savvy, such as factories in fields and construction businesses. The march of the mobile applies across the board. So the speed at which your site downloads is becoming increasingly important.

There’s another reason to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages – it gives you a much better chance of ranking in search engines. Google has stated many times that they consider mobile performance to be a ranking factor. As a result, click through rates to AMP sites are increasing now that people are becoming used to spotting the little AMP symbol in search results – they know the site will be fast.

Here’s the key benefits put together by Fellyph, a handsome devil in our development team…

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages in Web Design

  • Faster Load Time.
  • Improved User Experience.
  • Less Chance of Users Leaving Site.
  • Increased Chance of Ranking.
  • Increased time spent on page.
  • Increased revenue for e-commerce sites.

Go Forth and AMP

Give us a shout and if you’re interested in implementing accelerated mobile pages and let us improve your websites design.