5 Branding Opportunities in a Newsletter

Email marketing is still a very popular way of getting your message to your target market. We have tonnes of businesses enquiring about creating email marketing campaigns.  Engagement rates for small and medium businesses are still very impressive and email campaigns are a great opportunity to develop your brand.

Let’s look at 5 branding opportunities in a newsletter….

1.    Stay in the Consumers’ Mind

As a business, you’ll want to remain top of mind where possible and have your customers remember your brand. Building a customer database that you can tap into is very important. You’re not going to want to harass them with daily emails but once every so often an email helps keep your brand in their mind. Though remember to put your brand name in the subject heading or at a minimum in the email address that the email comes from.

The next time they start thinking of a similar product or service to the one you provide your brand will spring to mind.

2.     Build Trust

Who would you prefer to buy from? Someone you just met or someone you trust? As consumers, we’re much more likely to make a purchase from a company we know and trust. Email marketing is an ideal way to build trust in your brand. The content in your emails can show you are knowledgeable in your specialised field, up to date with the latest development and offer value for money.

Plan the content carefully and include useful information with a soft sell. This will help to build trust in your brand.

3.    They’re Already Interested

Why don’t you ever open your spam? Because you didn’t sign up to it and you don’t want it! Your database has already signed up to receive your emails so they’re much more likely to want to learn more about your brand.

Don’t forget the Pareto Principle – 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Instead of chasing the ones who might not be interested work on developing brand loyalty with the 20% that are.

4.    Sharing

A challenge any organisation faces – big or small – is getting the word out there! Make sure your email recipients can easily send on the email to a friend or colleague. If even 5% or 10% forwarded on the emails you’ll be reaching a whole new audience.

Also, the people who receive it are more likely to engage as the email was forwarded from a friend and it’s not just some random piece of marketing.

5.    Updates

Consumers love to be in the know! Email campaigns provide you with a perfect platform to inform your fans about any updates with your brand. A brand that keeps in touch appears more like a friend over time and is far less corporate.

Email Marketing Advice

If you need any more advice on creating an effective email campaign get in touch with our team.