4 Days of Inspiration

I am currently studying BESS in Trinity College Dublin and having just finished my first year, I’m interested in working in marketing. So I was keen to get some commercial experience with a marketing company. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to spend four days with Cathy and her team at Inspiration, in Dun Laoghaire. I got an all – round experience of how a digital marketing agency operates because I got to spend some time with each member of the team and to learn about what they do. I spent two days in the office meeting the team and I got a feeling for the different services delivered by Inspiration – website development, website design, marketing, performance measurement and SEO. For the other days, I was out of the office visiting clients with Cathy.

Inspirational Services

Before starting my time with Inspiration I checked out the website and I was particularly interested in the services page. I found there were 2 core services – Website Design and Digital Marketing. Website design is what it says on the tin but there is quite of a lot going on in digital marking – Social media, email marketing, content marketing, marketing support, optimisation and google tools. This initial research helped give me an understanding of how inspiration operates and what services they provide.

Meet the Clients

On my first day with Inspiration, I travelled to Galway with Cathy to attend two client meetings. Both of these clients are manufacturers of Medical Devices. And on the second day, I visited a factory specialising in wood mouldings, which is quite different. These meetings gave me a good idea of how the sales side of a business works and how inspiration approaches new clients and also how they stay in touch with and support existing clients. From attending these meetings it showed me that every client is completely different and each one has very different needs/wants. So the service is very specific for each client and Inspiration works around the needs of each client, as opposed to delivering a single service. It was great to get the opportunity to meet three factories and one trade organisation. All of the clients are a mix of businesses however all the manufacturers are all Enterprise Ireland clients,  who export goods. When we travelled to the factories, I was surprised at how luxurious the meeting facilities were, as I was expecting metal sheds with no offices. But they all had separate office space which was really well fitted out.


The team in inspiration are very passionate about their work and about their clients. The environment in the office is casual and happy. Because it’s a small team, everyone gets on well which makes for a happy and productive environment.

Sophie Temperley