10 Simple Tricks for Google Docs

Are you using Google Docs for creating content and collaborating with your team? At Inspiration we love it! There’s loads of quality features that make life around the office just that little bit easier.

Here’s a few tricks that you might not have come across yet…..

1.    Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning off a few keyboard shortcuts will speed up your work.

View the full list:

  • Windows – Ctrl + /
  • Mac – Command + /

google docs keyboard shortcuts

2.    Convert All Word Docs to Google Docs

A nice little feature is to enable ‘convert uploads’ so that when you add word docs they will automatically convert and you can start working on them right away.

Here’s what you have to do……..

In Google Drive – Click on the little gear icon in the top right – it looks like this….

google docs gear



Choose settings from the dropdown menu and then tick the Convert uploads box and select Done.

google docs convert word

Well that was easy, wasn’t it?!

3.    Notify Team Members for Comments

When you’re adding comments to the document you can let your members know and also assign them the comment.

All you need to do is type + and add their email address. To assign them the comment check the ‘Assign to’ tick box.

how to google docs assign a comment

4.    Revert to Older Versions

This is a very handy one, particularly if an area gets deleted unexpectedly! You can view previous versions of your file by selecting File then, See Version History. You can also name different versions if you need to.

5.    Talk Instead of Type!

Ok this one might not be one for a busy office or for any students working in the library but it could be useful for you at some point….

google docs voice typing

To activate click Tools – Voice Typing.

6.    Adding Links

There’s a couple of ways to add links:

Select the text you want to add the link to and then click on the insert link button in your tool bar which looks a little like this…….



You can use a shortcut:

  • Windows – Ctrl + k
  • Mac – Command + k

Google might suggest the right link.

google docs linking

7.    Table of Content

For longer docs you might want to add a table of contents. You can choose Insert – Table of Contents.

google docs table of contents

8.    Browse within your Doc

If you want to browse the internet directly from within the doc without using another tab or window you can quite easily.

Select Tools – Explore……

google docs browse

9.    Translate your Content

If you need to get your content into another language really quickly you do it by selecting Tools – Translate Document.

google docs translate

10. Work Offline

Access your own docs so you can work with them when you don’t have an internet connection. In Google Drive click on the Gear Icon – Settings – Check Sync Google Docs. Then when you’re offline visit chrome://apps/ to see your files.

google docs work offline

That’s it, hope you find them useful!